Sienna Miller has claimed that modern men are more respectful to women than their predecessors.

The British film star, 42, has welcomed the birth of a child with her younger partner Oli Green, 15 years her junior.

Miller believes that his generation has been instilled with a greater respect for women and a greater sense of egalitarianism.

The film star came of age in the public eye during the 2000s, and was a figure of tabloid fascination, particularly with regard to her relationship with Jude Law, 10 years her senior.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar UK, Miller said of younger men: “There is a difference in the way that generation of men respect women.

“It’s specific to him (Green), he is very wise and well-adjusted, but I do believe it’s also that generation.

“They have grown up with a slightly more level playing field. I see it in his female friends as well as in the men.”

The actress came to prominence with love-interest roles in Alfie and Layer Cake, and she has complained that she was billed as a “party girl” early in her career.

Speaking of male attention in film industry at that time, she said: “It’s interesting, being older now, and having been raised in that moment, learning from people who are younger about how clear they are in their boundaries, having that self-assuredness and self-advocacy, having ‘no’ in the repertoire in a way that we just weren’t encouraged to have.’

Miller recently refined to the UK after a long stint in New York, and has collaborated with the British high-street staple M&S on a new fashion line.

The actress is also set to return to the big screen in Kevin Costner Western epic Horizon, which will be released in UK cinema this summer.

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