The Masked Singer UK has come back with a bang, featuring a new batch of celebrities trying to hoodwink the judging panel.

Presented by Joel Dommett, the ITV reality series sees 12 stars, whose identities are concealed by extravagant costumes, take the stage and belt out a tune.

Jonathan RossRita OraMo Gilligan and Davina McCall must then attempt to guess which famous faces are hiding behind those outfits, with a performer being eliminated every week.

However, the foursome aren’t completely left in the dark as they are given clues about who the mystery singer is, rather than just relying on their voice alone.

With that in mind, what clues have been given about Jacket Potato – and who could they be…?

What clues have been given about Jacket Potato on The Masked Singer?

  • Said they were here to drop it like it’s a hot (potato) – a singer associated with funk or dancehall music?
  • They were dancing in a disco venue – could they be a renowned performer?
  • Reading a copy of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – were they in a doomed romance or famed for writing?
  • Putting ‘weird names’ including Nosey Parker in a jar – do they have an unusual moniker?
  • ‘Hey, it’s me, Jack. I’ve got quite the collection, so big, it’ll make you say, “woah”.’
  • Rita said their accent sounds American
  • ‘I’m always priding myself on being able to express a whole host of emotions – that could be the secret to my success’
  • ‘I’ve certainly had auditions that could’ve seen me take very different roles’ – then shown playing piano and with a stethoscope
  • ‘Some mega famous people have looked to me to look good’
  • Out of two riddles, one is true: Jacket Potato is either ‘a real pussycat’ or ‘a sell-out in England’
  • The number 50 – is that their age or does that signify they’re halfway towards something?
  • Out of order sign – is that one of Jacket Potato’s sayings?
  • They keep saying Jack – is that their name?
  • They could be a sidekick as they ‘know what it’s like to be the foil’
  • ‘I am no angel, I have been around the block’
  • Bullseye on clipboard
  • ‘I’m always telling tales, sort of, but that is what you know me for most’
  • A small motorbike was shown
  • ‘My stories have a special way of becoming other people’s stories’
  • Jacket said they got special recognition for their tales, but there was ‘nothing like seeing 80,000 in one place enjoying your words’

Several names have been thrown into the mix as possible candidates for Jacket Potato, including…

Matt Lucas

Jacket Potato constantly makes references to baking, leading Mo to believe outgoing Great British Bake Off host Matt Lucas.

This theory is given further clout over the clue of being a ‘foil’ or sidekick, with Matt having worked with David Walliams for many years on the likes of Little Britain.

Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall certainly has the performing credentials, having toured extensively as a stand-up and acted in shows including Bad Education.

The moniker Jacket Potato could also be a nod towards his first name, while the dancehall clues could be a play on his surname.

Richie Sambora

A popular theory emerging on social media is that Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is behind Jacket Potato.

The rock legend certainly has the talent as he wrote all the band’s hits, along with Jon Bon Jovi, and has also enjoyed a successful career as a solo artist.

Brian Cox

Jonathan suggested Jacket Potato could be Professor Brian Cox, due to the stethoscope in a clue package and him being ‘a doctor of the sciences.’

The physicist also certainly has a lot of knowledge about a different kind of ‘stars’, so could he be a secret vocalist? Jonathan did point out that he used to play keyboard in a hit band…

Ray Winstone

If the clue about Jacket Potato being a ‘pussycat’ is true, Ray Winston is certainly a possibility.

Davina noted that he is known for playing tough guys on-screen, but he’s actually a real softie underneath.

Shane Ritchie

We know him as Alfie Moon, but Shane Richie is a very popular guess online.

The EastEnders actor has spoken about previously being approached to star in Doctor Who, and viewers are almost certainly that they can pick up his voice.

Jack Black

Jacket Potato has proved that there has to be some sort of rocker under the costume, with the performer picking up the guitar in a recent performance.

There’s been countless references to a ‘Jack’, which has got some people convinced the clues have to point to actor and Tenacious D front man Jack Black.

The Masked Singer continues on ITV on Saturday at 7pm.

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