An Australian student on their year abroad in the UK was left dumbfounded by a feature on the Wetherspoons menu, which you can only get at a few places Down Under. Sebastien Butler is on an exchange in Manchester and has been documenting his experience in the Northern Hemisphere since arriving over a week ago.

In his fifth installation of his “Aussie > UK” series, the student revealed he went to The Paramount, a Wetherspoons pub, for the first time on Wednesday, February 1. While there, Sebastien tucked into the chain’s chicken wings, which he described as “alright” and thought it was “crazy” they served food until 11pm. But the one menu addition which baffled him the most was the pub’s QR code and app.

In the video, Sebastien can be heard saying: “They have food until like 11 o’clock which is crazy. And you can order drinks to the table which is also insane. In Australia, you get it in some places but apparently it’s just normal in every Spoons, you just order drinks to the table.”

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The student also documented his trip to The Courtyard, astounded that the bar served Corona on tap. Sebastien has also been sharing his adventures with supermarket meal deals.

In the video, the next combination he tried out was Tesco ’s BBQ Chicken Coleslaw wrap with a Galaxy chocolate bar and bottle of Irn Bru. He said: “Just had the wrap, it was so banging. Now we’re going to try Galaxy. We don’t have it in Australia at all, but my UK friends said it’s good.”

Sebastien described the chocolate bar as “really nice” and “unlike anything he’s tried” before. The video continues to show his UK chronicles, where he questions why the UK sizes their milk in pints and not litres, like they do in his home country.

His second food instalment was a recommendation to go to Lidl’s bakery, where he picked up a handheld pizza and a pain au chocolat. Sebastien was blown away with items and their prices.

He said: “That’s actually so good. It was like 80p which is a $1.50 Australian, such good value. In Australia if you want something like this from Baker’s Delight, I reckon like four dollars, which is like £2.30 or something."

The student continued to be impressed with Lidl’s pain au chocolat, but was slightly disappointed with his bag of mint Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons. Sebastien explained he preferred Australian Cadbury is better.

Sebastien’s video racked up over 310,400 views, 33,600 likes and 423 comments, at the time of writing. The student revealed to his followers his food experience at Wetherspoons wasn’t entirely dreadful, saying: “Also didn’t say in the video but the spoons wings grew on me - definitely a solid 8/10.”

One expressed their obsession with Sebastien’s enjoyment of meal deals, writing, “I’m obsessed with how much you’re enjoying Tesco meal deals”. He replied: “You don’t understand I love just getting wraps from supermarkets in Aus but the single wrap costs more than your whole meal deal, it’s a dream for me.”

One viewer claimed: “Did you know there are only 9 spoons in the Uk that play music? Just a fun fact for you.”

Another wrote, “I can’t breath imagine coming all way to England to go courtyard and paramount”, while a third said, “Australian cadburys is NOT better than English cadburys lemme tell ya.”

People on TikTok then began suggesting other restaurants and Lidl bakery items to try, such as their doughnuts and brownies. Since Sebastien has tried the likes of Weetabix, cooking his first roast dinner ‘Come Dine with Me’-style, and tried a Yorkshire pudding with gravy.

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