LAZ ALONSO'S LOOK has changed throughout his time on Amazon Prime's The Boys. In fact, he lost nearly 40 pounds to prep for the most recent season. To find out how, MH sat down with him to talk all things food.

'I was heavy on caloric surplus when I first started the show. Seasons one and two I wanted to look like the comic. Season three we shot during and after Covid and I went from looking like the comic to looking like the very inflated version of the comic,' he says. Alonso’s Achilles heel? Like most, food delivery apps.

The actor revealed he too fell victim to the power of the click of a button that unlocked a world of unhealthy food to his doorstep. It even lead him to find the best pizza and burger in Toronto, he says. As a result, the actor gained an extra 40 pounds – which he says he did not even notice until the show's promo posters came out.

When season four came around, he met with the show's writer, Eric Kripke. Kripke told Alonso that his character, Mothers Milk, will be 'going through a big transition.' The actor used that as motivation to transform himself, too.

The actor’s typical day of eating while cutting weight usually consists of electrolytes in the morning accompanied with some sort of caffeine – matcha being his personal favourite. His breakfast consists of egg whites with rice, which the actor claims is 'kind of like oatmeal.'

With the exception of his a.m. pseudo-oatmeal, Alonso tries to stay away from carbs. His favourite snack when losing weight is nuts – and he loves an almond butter or peanut butter. He's also found healthier replacements for his favourite foods, like ice cream. 'I discovered some sugar free ice cream that makes me feel better about finishing up the whole pint,' he says.

He admits that the diet is the hardest to maintain when it comes to being on a weight loss journey. As a self-proclaimed “foodie,” sacrificing some of his favorite foods in the name of health can be difficult, he says. Still, he does his best to be mindful and balanced.

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