The joys of summer unfortunately bring with it sweat and humidity: two things our hair hates.

Heat, dryness and damage are the three main culprits of hair frizz. So, is it possible to get salon-smooth hair without spending hours maintaining it this summer? Luckily, yes.

TV hairstylist, Michael Douglas, talks us through the products you need in your haircare canon to combat frizz this summer.

What are the main causes of frizzy hair?

Despite our minds often jumping to external factors, Douglas notes that the main cause of frizz is actually down to styling. “You have about 120,000 strands of hair on your head,” he explains. “If they’re all doing the same thing at the same time then your hair is frizz-free. But if 10-20% of those hairs are doing other things, it will look frizzy.”

However, no matter how hard we try, the environment often plays a big part. “Moisture is the enemy of all hairstyles and hair will go frizzy if any water or humidity comes into contact with it,” Douglas explains. “Moisture is in the atmosphere all the time, so using a styling product that prevents moisture from penetrating the hair is integral.”

What step in the haircare routine is most important for taming frizz?

Contrary to popular belief that it’s all in the shampoo, the most important step in maintaining frizz is in the styling, Douglas says.

“Making all the strands of hair do the same thing at the same time is what reduces frizz,” he explains, “And you do this at the styling stage, by using a bristle brush and a blow dryer, or some heated tools once the hair is dry.”

Am I using my styling tools correctly?

“Putting the hair under tension with a bristle brush, then applying heat and air until it’s dry, will manipulate all the strands of hair into doing the same thing,” says Douglas.

This is the technique to utilise to get a salon-smooth blow dry. However, if you’re starting with dry hair, “then using direct heat from a straightening or curling iron and putting it under some tension, will also have a very good effect on reducing any frizz”, notes Douglas.

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What should I consider before buying anti-frizz products?

There’s an array of products claiming to bring sleeker, shinier and smooth locks – but finding an anti-frizz formula that actually works all comes down to the ingredients.

Despite what some people say, the occasional silicone can actually good for your hair’s texture. And ingredients such as dimethicone and copolymer help seal the gaps on your hair cuticles, which can make it smooth and shiny.

Best products for damaged hair

Investing in a good hair mask or hair treatment is the best way for taming damaged hair, Douglas says. “Damaged hair is essentially decomposed hair. It’s actually lighter in weight, and using a hair mask or treatment puts that weight back into the hair, and will temporarily strengthen it.”

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Best products for fine hair

Douglas recommends to steer clear of anything oily or greasy if you have fine hair. “Lightweight volumising blow dry sprays are my favourite things for taming fine hair,” he explains. “Use a lightweight shampoo such as OGX Biotin and Collagen, and only ever use a tiny amount of conditioner on the ends.”

Incorporating products that feature terms such as ‘volumising’, ‘texturise’ or ‘lift’ will also help give the hair body without resorting to frizzy back-combing.

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Best products for coarse and thick hair

Coarse and thick hair requires a heavier hand. “I like to use styling creams combined with a blow dry spray for taming coarse, thick hair,” Douglas says.

“Using a boar bristle brush while blow drying also will make a big difference in getting thick hair under control and making it frizz-free. I would highly recommend as a weekly treatment for hydration and dry hair.”

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