Bristol-born broadcaster and beauty entrepreneur, Maya Jama, works hard and plays hard. But between hosting Love Island and fronting Vogue, the bona-fide it girl finds time to attend to her emotional and physical wellbeing, too. From playing loud music to blow off steam and finding a reset in her new-found penchant for Pilates, she shares her favourite ways to stay healthy.

1. She works out using both cardio and weights

'I’m getting to 30 now and I just want to have as much energy as I can. While I’m quite hyperactive and move around a lot in the day, without even going to the gym, being strong has always been my goal.

'I train with Woz [celebrity personal trainer Warren Whitely] regularly and we’ll do circuit training, a little bit of cardio and then weights. Since filming in South Africa [for Love Island], I’ve also started cycling every day. I’m too scared to do it in London, but in South Africa, there are loads of open roads.'

2. She loves reformer Pilates

'Everyone I know is riding the Pilates wave, so I’ve started and I’m loving it. I do one-to-one sessions with Marsha at Nobu Pilates and they’re great. It’s a lighter workout, but you’re still using every muscle, and it doesn’t leave you drenched in sweat. It’s the only form of exercise that I don’t have to talk myself into doing, and that’s a big thing for me.'

3. She looks after her skin

'I regularly visit facialist Shane Cooper – he’s the best. I also use my own MIJ under-eye masks every morning and I recently bought an at-home LED light mask. I use it three times a week and, although I haven’t seen instant results, I’m in for the long haul to help with fine lines. SPF is also very new for me. I’ve always been rubbish at wearing it because we live in England, but I take it very seriously now.'

4. She nurtures her friendships

'I’ve got good friends I’ve had since I was 12 whom I speak to every day. If work is busy, then I’ll catch up with them over drinks. I’ve installed a little bar in my new house where my friends can socialise. To sit and have a paloma with pals is just amazing. On the days when I don’t want to drink alcohol, I’ll go for the non-alcoholic version of my limited-edition Gordon’s Premium Pink gin.'

5. She's uplifting on social

'On social media, I try to post as much positivity as I can. Women are under such a big microscope all the time and hyper-analysed in a way that men aren’t and that’s frustrating. Subconsciously, we have to think twice about [our actions] because it’ll affect how we’re perceived. We’re told, "Don’t be too much of this," or, "Don’t be too loud." It’s important to show solidarity.'

6. She plays loud music and dances around to wind down

'I’m not into meditation as I’ve got an overactive brain, so it’s hard to shut off. [Instead], I love to dance and play loud music as soon as I wake up. I’ve also learned that even if you’re having a sad time, sitting inside the whole day makes things worse, so going outside, even for a few minutes to move your body, helps.'

7. She's inspired by the women in her life

'I get my confidence from the women in my family, as they’re independent and strong. My nan is a big inspiration because of how she broke down barriers. She was one of the first Somalian families in Bristol and had to go through a lot, living in a community that wasn’t really for them at the time, but she never let it hold her back.

'Growing up, I also had a lot of encouragement from all the other women in my life. They told me I could achieve anything. While some may think that’s delusional, it was a huge confidence booster.'

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