Elon Musk's mother Maye Musk has a modeling career of over 50 years and now at the age of 76, she can give many a run for their money, all thanks to her flexitarian diet which is no vegetarianism and more flexible than that. Maye recently posed for the 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue on the magazine's 60th anniversary and divulged her diet secrets. Her meal are mainly home-cooked and plant-based but sometimes she indulges in meat, fish etc. and her sugar intake is less -- but not nil. Everything in moderation is her key to diet.

'Once I couldn't afford meat, fish'

Maye Musk told Fox News that her dependence on vegetables in the beginning was more of a compulsion and when she got divorced in 1979, she could not afford to buy meat, fish or chicken. Maye used to feed her children bean stew along with a lot of vegetables -- nothing organic as those too were beyond her reach.

"You [also] get whole wheat bread… in South Africa, brown bread was subsidized by the government. White bread was more expensive, so we only ate brown bread. And of course, it kept us all in good health. And then we had cereal and fruit in the morning," she said on her early diet. Maye said she didn't listen when her children used to demand expensive things.

"They really joke about how I am, but I’m also not a good cook," Musk admitted. "That’s also why Kimbal (Elon Musk's brother) learned how to cook… He loves to eat really great food. Some people just don’t like cooking and that’s OK. You just eat the foods you like. I eat mainly vegetarian at home," Maye Musk said.

'I was the first plus size model'

Maye Musk said she was the first plus-size model in South Africa in her '30s because stressful times made her overeat. It affected her knees, back and shot up the cholesterol. She said she brought her weight under control so that she did not have to depend of medication for the rest of her life.

But she has no eliminated sugar altogether. "When it comes to desserts in restaurants, I take a teaspoon," she explained. "If it tingles in my mouth, I will eat half of it. But if it doesn’t, I don’t eat it."

Maye Musk's exercise regime

Maye Musk said she walks her dog three times a day and exercises at night at home for 30 minutes to an hour. "I used to work out hard, but then I would hurt myself. You can overdo things. I wanted to be extremely fit," she said. Her favorite exercises include yoga, spot jumping, weights.

"I don’t think I have many wrinkles, but in a midday sun without makeup on? Yeah, I certainly look my age. But I’m happy to use filters if I have to, if I don’t like the lighting of the photo. But usually, I like good lighting. It just makes life easier. And of course, on the red carpet, you don’t have a chance to retouch anything. But the lighting is good there, too. The photographers want a good picture. So I haven’t had anyone insult me," she said.

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