Brain teasers are great to improve cognitive skills that help in enhancing problem-solving skills and memory. Mental experts believe they are a type of riddle that challenges people to think outside the box. They are also a wonderful way of focusing minds.

A new riddle, shared by JagranJosh, puts on a new spin on the cognitive test, with claims that only those with a high IQ can solve it.

The colourful brain teaser shows the same letter repeated in an image, but in all different bright colours. But there's one that's different - and it's this that must be spotted within the strict timeframe.

The catch is the participant will have to spot an odd letter, which is lurking among the others.

A rogue X will need to be seen before the riddle is officially solved.

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There are 13 rows and 31 columns to sift through, so those taking part will need to be speedy to check through them all in the time limit.

For those who are struggling, we've posted the answer below, so be sure to have a good go before you scroll down further.

This time there are five rows of Xs and Ks, and you need to find the odd letter in just 13 seconds.

While solving these brain puzzles, you must scan the problem and arrive at the answer using logical reasoning skills.

Brain games make a simple riddle more interesting, as these fun games are solved with creative thinking.

You need to think a little differently for coming on to the solution as the answer won't be right in front of you.

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