Camilla, the Queen Consort, is increasingly "wielding influence" over King Charles III, according to an expert. Her Royal Highness is set to have her grandchildren play a role in the monarch's Coronation, despite precedent never allowing it for the late Queen Elizabeth II and Charles himself.

Christopher Andersen, author of 'The King', noted that in the 50 years he has written about the Royal Family, "I cannot think of a single time [Charles] denied Camilla anything".

"One thing is becoming increasingly clear: Camilla is feeling her oats," he told Fox News Digital.

"She's always been wielding influence behind the scenes because she's always had Charles' ear. But she's never been quite so brazen about it in the past."

The author then noted reports that Eliza Lopes, Lola Parker Bowles, Freddy Parker Bowles, Gus Lopes and Louis Lopes will carry the canopy that is placed over her as she is anointed.

"Well, Queen Elizabeth did not have a role in her father's Coronation, and Charles did not have a role in his mother's Coronation," Andersen added.

"Yet Charles seems perfectly fine with acquiescing to pretty much anything Camilla wants."

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It comes after a friend of Camilla's told The Daily Beast that the Queen Consort's grandchildren being at the Coronation will be a "victory lap".

They noted "Camilla never asked for any of this", referring to the recent war of words between Harry and the royals.

In 'Spare,' Harry said he and his older brother, Prince William, "begged" their father not to marry Camilla, worried she would become a "wicked stepmother".

Reflecting on Charles's second wedding, Harry wrote: "I had complex feelings about gaining a stepparent who, I believed, had recently sacrificed me on her personal PR altar."

"But Charles always wanted her to be queen," the friend said.

"Lots of people doubted he could pull it off but he has, and including her family in the coronation is something of a victory lap for both of them."

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