Vet’s heartbreak as an evil dog owner orders his neglected pooch to be put down

Vet’s heartbreak as an evil dog owner orders his neglected pooch to be put down

Woman makes £2.5million after side hustle success: ‘It's quite a leap!'

One woman has seen her side hustle turn into a business with a £2.5million turnover and she is sharing how she did it.

Little Boy Eats a Worm

Occurred on July 2020 / Tanumshede, Sweden: "My son Frej Summer 2020, in our garden in Sweden. I saw that he took a worm. I decided to record it, and it went funnier and cuter than I hoped for. I think it's not bad for a child to get dirt and build up t

Australian goes to Wetherspoons and is absolutely baffled by one menu item

The Aussie student has been videoing his experiences in the UK

Royal Family LIVE: Meghan and Harry set for new 'fun' Netflix series after damaging Firm

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have so far released two docu-series for US streaming giant Netflix.

Country pub removes meat from menu to become UK's first vegan carvery

It has been a hit with plant-based foodies... but local carnivores aren't convinced.

Keanu Reeves makes surprise visit for fish and chips at pub in tiny English town

He even shook the hands of kitchen staff.

20 delicious pear recipes

With their sweet, mellow flavour and juicy texture, pears are a perfect match for so many types of dishes—desserts, of course, but also salads, sandwiches, condiments, and even pizzas. Here are 20 recipes that put this delightful fruit front and centre.

The 40 Celebrity Brows You Must Study Before Your Next Shaping

A complete catalog of every kind.

Professional FAQs: What are the health benefits of lentils?

Mother divides internet by wearing tight latex for the school run

When it comes to the school run, a lot of parents opt for casual clothes such as jogging bottoms or even the comfort of their pyjamas - but one mum has a less casual attire for the occasion, instead opting for tight latex gear. TikToker Sammy (@sammythighs) from the US posting daily videos about the different outfits she wears and one particular vi...

The benefits of eating together

In some countries, mealtimes are sacred and cannot be compromised. The importance of getting the whole family around a table to eat a homecooked lunch or dinner is a daily ritual, respected by multiple generations. However, these traditions are starting to slip, particularly in places where fast food is dominating diets and productivity culture glamorizes those who stick to the grind and wolf down a speedy lunch at their desk. Many of us grew up with our parents insisting on eating together and found it to be a bore, but there are countless benefits to having regular sit-down meals with members of your family (whether they’re biological or chosen). Click through the following gallery to learn the science-backed arguments for eating together.

British shoppers make huge savings at 'high end' supermarket with 'better quality food'

British shoppers have admitted to making big savings by going to the "posh" supermarkets for deals, as opposed to cheaper supermarkets.

Home decor ideas – 38 chic interior design schemes

We show how seasonal updates, simple home decor tricks and more dramatic room makeovers will help you transform your rooms

15 practical & stylish shelving units for your living room

Keep everything right where you can see it.

Komatsuna: Can you eat too much? Get advice from experts.

Quantity recommendation by Livia Dickson Chen PhD in Nutrition · 11 years of experience · Brazil The common way to consume Komatsuna is fresh leaves, flower buds, and stems are used in a variety of cuisines. Komatsuna can be used in raw salad, cooked with vegetables, with rice and meat. To avoid excesses, one hundred grams a day is enough to enjoy ...

The Iconic Supermodels of the 1980s

The faces that defined the decade.

Bakers in furious row over proper way to make a sourdough

Any artisan baker knows that sourdough thrives on its simplicity. But now a furious row has risen, as bread makers stand accused of changing the recipe rulebook into a “cheats’ charter”. Six national baker groups have published the long-awaited “UK baking industry code of practice for the labelling of sourdough bread and rolls”, the first guidance ...

13 cutest cat breeds you'll fall in love with

Cat lovers everywhere, standby for cuteness overload as we round up the world’s cutest cat breeds

Farmhouse living room ideas – rustic designs for a cozy scheme

These farmhouse living room ideas will introduce texture, neutrals and natural character to a home

Therese Coffey drops import ban for fur and foie gras

A ban proposed on importing fur and foie gras is to be shelved, Therese Coffey has said - as the Environment Secretary said she wants to be the “voice of the countryside”. In her first interview since being appointed to the role, Ms Coffey told The Telegraph that animal welfare is important - but said: “We need to think through priorities.” She sai...

37 Iconic Teenage Characters Who Were Played by Much Older Actors

Here's looking at you, Grease.

Bask in the brilliance of Brutalist architecture

Brutalism is a polarizing style of architecture, but it has still managed to spread all across the world since its first rise in popularity in the 20th century. While some find the rigid, calculated, and monochrome structures to be ugly, imposing, or even dystopic, others find serenity in the right angles and romance in simple, quality materials. Regardless of how you feel about Brutalism, the reasons behind its intimidating and irregular nature are fascinating, and go far beyond simple aesthetics. Read on to learn about Brutalism, and discover some of the finest examples of architecture's most fascinating style.

Invasive plants: 10 non-native plants to watch out for in your garden

Invasive plants often spread quickly and can crowd out native plants, so find out about the worst offenders and how to get rid of them

Picky Moroccan Monkeys

Occurred on January 16, 2023 / Morocco: "My boyfriend is trying to give a peace of bread to the monkeys in Morocco. It is funny seeing the reaction of each monkey."

Hair expert shares quick style which makes you look younger in seconds - 'can't go wrong'

A hair expert shared how mature women can look younger in seconds with one simple style.

London's 10 lost Woolworths stores including Croydon branch that lasted to the very end

Woolworths' closure was partially caused by the 2008 credit crunch

Princess Diana’s Personal Letters to Friends During Her Divorce Are Being Auctioned for Charity

The 32-letter collection is both “astonishing” and “confidential.”

Looking at the ancient art of henna

The word "henna" means many things. It refers to the henna plant, the powders and pastes that are made from the leaves of the henna plant, and the incredible art that is painted on the skin using this natural dye. For some, the word henna summons images of a traditional Indian wedding, or perhaps a stall on a boardwalk where tourists can get a temporary tattoo. Henna can be traced from the modern boardwalk all the way back to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, thousands of years ago. Its uses and meanings have evolved across multiple countries, cultures, and religions since then. Intrigued? Click through this gallery to learn about the origins of the magnificent art of henna and its modern applications.

10 low maintenance dog breeds for busy people

Think you don't have the time and energy to look after a dog? These low maintenance dog breeds might just surprise you

Take a bow-wow! Meet Bobi, the world's oldest dog on record

By Catarina Demony and Miguel Pereira CONQUEIROS, Portugal (Reuters) - When his dog was born three decades ago in a tiny village in central Portugal, Leonel Costa was only eight years old. Little did he know that his beloved Bobi would one day be recorded as the world's oldest dog. When Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, celebrated its 30th birthday last year, Costa knew he had broken an

Catherine, Princess of Wales surprises sick baby and her mother in hosptial

Catherine, Princess of Wales visited a hospital in London to visit a sick child and her mother.

Animals that love to sing, and are darn good at it

Just like humans, the other members of the animal kingdom have their own unique, and oftentimes beautiful, ways of communicating. Far beyond the stereotypical songbirds, nature is filled with wondrous and fascinating sounds that communicate everything from mating rituals to the marking of territory, to plain old gossip. Animals across the world have proven themselves to be wonderfully talented vocalists. Read on to learn about the best singers in the animal kingdom.

The East London church set to be taken over by people who you wouldn't normally expect

The service enters it's 77th year

Living room paint ideas – 29 stylish ways with paint, and expert color tips

Use these living room paint ideas to create striking visual effects using the latest colors and trends

10 small dining nooks that prove you don’t need much space for a big impact

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to carve out the perfect little dining nook in a small space

Things you had no idea were named after people

Ever wondered about the origins behind the name Bluetooth? What about the Stetson hat? Come to think of it, why is the Salisbury steak so named, or the leotard? And how about Ferris wheels, diesel, and shrapnel? Believe it or not, all these things are named after or for people. Intrigued? Well, here's your chance to catch up with some word associations. Click through and find out what's in a name.

These are the signs you're giving someone the ick, says body language expert

A body language expert has revealed the tell-all signs that you might be giving your date the ick. From creating a barrier using an object in front of you to folding their arms, Adrianne Carter from Staffordshire explained that several key behaviours show they're just not that into you. "A really simple rule for dates is when someone is leaning in ...

What to plant in a greenhouse: 10 top crops to grow

Wondering what to plant in a greenhouse? These suggestions will guarantee you a delicious harvest

These Are the Meanings Behind the Kennedy Family’s Names

The significance goes back generations.

How good is grape for you? Find out what the experts say, get serving sizes, and health concerns

Ask an expert: Is rice gluten free?

Home makeover ideas – simple ways to transform your home

Looking for home makeover ideas? You can do these easy refreshes in a matter of hours

Britain’s greatest barn-find haul?

Who is Jacket Potato on The Masked Singer UK? All the clues and theories so far

Who do you think the star behind the mask could be?

11 Delicious dishes to try when you visit Modena

Mini air fryer croissants that are ready for breakfast in just eight minutes

If you're looking for an easy, quick and delicious breakfast recipe, you've come to the right place. Here's how to make adorable mini croissants in just eight minutes

Put it down! Why you shouldn't look at your phone when you first wake up

The Masked Singer's Knitting unveiled as huge Steps star ahead of semi-final

The Masked Singer UK's Knitting was unveiled as a huge Steps star on Saturday night's episode of the hit ITV show ahead of the semi-final, leaving the judges overjoyed

Naga Munchetty bids farewell to 'greatly missed' BBC Breakfast co-star after exit

Naga Munchetty told her BBC Breakfast co-star she will be missed in a sweet tribute on Twitter.