When Sandro Farmhouse first barrelled onto our screens last year on the Great British Bake Off, he swiftly captured the hearts of the nation with his cheeky charm and masterful bakes.

From show-stopping cakes to mouth watering biscuits, Sandro amazed the judges and viewers week after week with his intricate culinary masterpieces.

But even after impressing judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with all those treats, there was still one person Sandro wanted to bake a cake for more than anyone - and that was her late majesty Queen Elizabeth.

“I really wanted to make a cake for the Queen,” he admitted during an exclusive chat with OK!.

“But sadly she’s no longer here,” he lamented before adding that he had high hopes for making a cake for musical royalty instead.

“Other than the Queen, I’m shooting my shot and saying I’d love to make a cake for Beyonce! So every month my posting will be a cake tribute to Beyonce, until I actually get to make a cake for her!”

He continued: “I’ll even fly myself over to make it in my own kitchen! I’d make her a honey layer cake because naturally, she’s the Queen Bee.”

Although Sandro’s royal dream sadly didn’t come to pass, he has continued to honour the royals on numerous occasions this year, including ahead of the King’s Coronation when he teamed up with Dr.Oetker to help celebrate the best and brightest volunteers in our community.

Speaking about the campaign Sandro said: “It’s been great to be part of the Big Helpout and the Coronation celebrations and to be able to make a cake, and to do it with love. It’s just the joy of it. It’s been a really nice experience.”

As part of the campaign, Sandro was tasked with making special celebration cakes to help reward the unsung heroes of local communities who continued to help make the lives of the people around them better with their volunteering work.

While working with Dr.Oetker on the final celebration cakes, Sandro revealed he had a few special products from the new Great British Bake Off range that he had been relying on in recent weeks to help add a touch of regal flair to his bakes and treat the volunteers like the royal stars they truly are.

“I loved using the little sachets of things like Meringue powder, but I’m really obsessed with their gold pearls at the moment. I always use a lot of gold in my bakes and you have to make things out of it or you have to colour chocolate balls - so having something done for you is just so much more convenient,” he added.

It was this convenience and affordable expense that also resonated with Sandro, as he has always championed accessibility when it comes to baking.

Sandro himself has been an avid volunteer for a number of years after starting an exciting inclusive baking project, Baking on the Spectrum during the Coronavirus pandemic. “It’s something I volunteered at three years back in the pandemic as a sort of rapid relief to help and support families with autistic children and young people,” he explained.

“I’ve always been passionate about autism and I’ve always been passionate about baking. So being able to put the two together we created this magical project.”

While some autistic people struggle to communicate, baking became a new universal language to help spread joy and positivity at such a trying time, something Sandro continues to do to this day by sharing his delicious recipes and bakes online.

“Baking is one of my love languages, I think it can definitely bring people together and it’s all about building a community.”

If you’d like to try your hand at baking a royal worthy masterpiece just like Sandro, you can find all the products you’ll need at Dr.Oetker


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