that must be plugged into sockets tend to generate a fair amount of heat, which will make a room even hotter on scorching days.

This is particularly true if they are located in a small room with little ventilation.

All appliances give off some energy in the form of heat, but some are bigger offenders than others.

Luckily experts have shared how turning off and unplugging appliances can stop feeling "even hotter" than they already are.

Allan Reid, CEO and Property Expert at Art Windows and Doors, claimed that households should "avoid energy-guzzling electronics" when wanting to keep a home cool. He said: "Using electronics, such as your TV or a computer, uses a significant amount of electricity, especially when used for extended periods.


"This means that on hotter days like this weekend, it is best to only use these for short periods or to avoid using them altogether."

Chris Nye, overseas property expert at Your Overseas Home, agreed and suggested that households unplug electrical they are not using.

He said: "Plugged-in electronics generate heat even when they're off or not in use, which can make an already hot home even hotter. Unplug things like toasters, kettles, TVs and device chargers when you're not using them."

When it comes to larger appliances, such as washing machines, Chris recommends that households try to only use them at night.

He said: "Large appliances can give off significant amounts of heat, so try not to use them on the hottest days if possible.

"Instead, pop washing machines and dishwashers on overnight instead. This will also help save some money on electricity bills - it's a win-win scenario."

Chris also recommends swapping out incandescent lights as he claimed they "waste a huge amount of their energy in the heat they emit", so for those trying to cool a room down without air conditioning, small shifts like switching to compact fluorescent lamps can have a "surprisingly significant impact", while also "lowering your ".

Of course, households can't switch off all of their appliances - not without spoiling all of the food in their fridge and freezer, at least. But anything they can avoid using during hot weather will help keep a home cool.

For those who struggle to get to sleep during hot weather, households should try to avoid charging their tech at night, suggested Colette Toman, interior stylist at Make My Blinds.

She said: "Be aware of charging your gadgets at night as they radiate heat which will heat up your room, and in time affect your sleep.

"Instead, choose to charge them first thing in the morning when it is cooler and you are awake.

"Not only will doing this reduce the room temperature, but it will also save you money as most devices such as a mobile phone, don't need to be charged for the duration of the time you're asleep."

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