One contestant on The Wheel amazed viewers as he scooped a mega prize pot, despite having virtually no knowledge on the question category.

Toby, who is blind, walked away with £45,000, which he said would help pay off his student debts as well as fund a new car for his girlfriend, who has to drive him everywhere.

The contestant quickly won people’s hearts with his warm smile and cheeky sense of humour, making several jokes throughout the game about his own disability.

In one round, he was tasked with answering a question about rugby, with YouTuber Chunkz as his expert.

Clearly not knowledgable about the sport, the vlogger said: ‘Never watched a game of rugby in my life, never played it…’

Before Toby chimed in: ‘I’ve never watched anything, mate! So it’s all good’, earning a ripple of laughs from the audience.

And the humour didn’t cease there, as he turned to radio DJ Sara Cox to help answer his final question on art.

‘Which of these artists has won the Turner Prize in the 21st century?’, host and comic Michael McIntyre read out.

The four possible answers were: Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, and Anish Kapoor.

But Toby put the responsibility for answering firmly on Sara’s shoulders, pointing out one very valid reason why he probably wasn’t an expert on the matter.

‘It’s all on you this one,’ he told her. ‘Because I have no idea.’

‘Blind people don’t like art.’

‘I totally get it,’ Sara joked, before suggesting Grayson Perry as the answer to lock in, which Toby did… and it was the right one!

The player was practically lost for words when the studio turned gold and it was revealed that he’d be heading home a whole lot richer.

He headed over to hug Sara and thank her for her help, vowing to listen to her on BBC Radio 2 every day.

The presenter even became visibly emotional and had to blink away tears amid the happy moment.

Comedian Michael then pointed out the irony in the whole situation, praising Toby for how well he did.

‘I can’t believe you have come on this wheel, you are a blind man, you have been given a question on art to win the show, you have hilariously pointed out, during the question, not a big fan of art, never actually seen it!’

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Toby then laughed: ‘I tell you what, love art now! It’s my favourite.’

The winner was then asked by Michael to explain what he can actually see.

‘I am fully blind, or what we call fully blind,’ he shared.

‘There’s a spectrum so I’m 96% blind and I can see lights, so I can tell the studio lights are on, can’t see you (Michael), can’t see anyone around the wheel, so sorry if I was staring at you with weird eye contact. Not my fault.’

He added that everything he reacts to is sound, after being born visually impaired with a genetic condition, which got worse as he grew older, becoming fully blind aged 16.

‘This is life-changing,’ he said of the prize money.

‘I’m so overwhelmed, honestly. I’m not an emotional person at all but I could cry. It’s hard to put into words.’

The Wheel continues next Saturday on BBC One.

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