A Canadian woman, once settled in a condo with a routine life, recently made life-altering decisions - she left her job, rented out her condo and is now living and travelling around Canada and the US with her pets on a Tesla. Now, her life is anything but ordinary.

In a conversation with Charissa Cheong, Business Insider's First Person Reporter, Stephanie Virovec admitted she never envisioned leaving Alberta, Canada. Seeking early retirement, she bought a condo as an investment. But living an average life in her Alberta condo wasn't what she had envisioned.

Virovec's initial excitement quickly soured. Within weeks of moving in, she grappled with intense anxiety, overwhelmed by the vastness of the space as a single occupant. "It just wasn't right for me," she told Cheong.

Despite being drawn to the freedom of van life, Virovec hesitated due to their financial commitment as it is no secret that buying a van is a huge investment. In a bid to gauge whether downsizing suited her, she opted for a trial run onboard her Mitsubishi.

Much to Virovec's delight, the experience was transformative. She thrived in her newfound freedom, and within a week, she was back at her condo, packing up for a life on wheels. Virovec's car experiment blossomed into a full-fledged mobile life.

From Condo to Tesla: A Minimalist Adventure

Trading her office job for online work, she now supplements her income with condo rent and enjoys the comfort of a Tesla Model Y, a gift from her ex-boyfriend.

"I'm not alone either. I travel with my two pets, a dog called Snow and a cat called Finley, but I've also been taking thousands of TikTok followers with me, hoping to show them what tiny living can be like," Virovec said.

Figuring out how to organize everything Virovec needs in the car has been a process of trial and error. Currently, her dog's bed rests near the passenger seat, perched atop a water cooler that doubles as a food storage unit. A twin mattress stretches across the folded seats in the rear, creating her sleeping area. Her feline companion enjoys a cosy doughnut bed nestled nearby.

Much to her relief, Tesla's ample frunk (front trunk) provides storage for essential gear. A hefty 800-watt battery allows Virovec to power a kettle for tea or charge her phone. A solar panel replenishes the battery she cleverly stores in the car.

Virovec's resourceful use of a battery exemplifies the potential of Tesla's powerful electric vehicle batteries. In fact, a tech duo recently took this concept a step further, launching a mobile coffee shop right out of a Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla Life on the Road: Freedom with Challenges

However, Virovec requires meticulous planning when living in a car. Public restrooms are her primary facilities, requiring her to map out bathroom and shower breaks in advance. Laundry presents an even greater hurdle. Hand-washing clothes outdoors means waiting for them to dry completely before hitting the road again.

"Since I moved into the Tesla last summer, I've probably spent a total of nine months living in it full-time and travelling around the US and Canada," Virovec revealed. Winters were previously spent with her ex-boyfriend, and occasional stays with friends offer welcome respites. But for the most part, Virovec, her furry companions, and their mobile lifestyle are a happy trio.

Financial freedom is a major perk of Virovec's Tesla lifestyle. Her most significant expenses are parking and charging, thanks to the free Tesla she received. However, she's discovered a network of free charging stations across North America, turning a Las Vegas-to-Canada trip into a free ride.

While parking can add up, Virovec has discovered free options in most cities. Overall, the Tesla's cost is significantly lower than her condo upkeep, and she suspects it's even cheaper than a renovated van with plumbing and amenities.

Living in a Tesla isn't without its challenges, but the financial benefits are undeniable for Virovec. However, Tesla vehicles themselves can sometimes be the source of frustration. Last month, another Tesla owner recounted a stressful experience of getting stuck in her car while attempting a software update in a Chick-fil-A parking lot.

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