I don’t know about you, but the second I touch down on holiday, I suddenly start acting like I’ve got all the money in the world. 

I want to visit all the places, try all the best local restaurants, get another round of drinks in, and buy an entirely new wardrobe from a random boutique I stumbled across down a cobbled street.

Obviously, this is incredibly hazardous for my bank balance, but it seems there might be a way to now enjoy going to tourist attractions and eating out without spending a fortune.

That’s because one European city is trialling a reward scheme, allowing visitors to earn freebies and discounts during their stay — and the best part is you’ll also be helping the environment along the way.

What is CopenPay?

Copenhagen’s new scheme is known as CopenPay and it couldn’t be easier to get involved, you simply have to make climate-friendly choices while you’re on holiday in the capital of Denmark.

Tourists can do this by picking up litter, volunteering in an urban garden, riding a bike instead of driving around the city, and pledging sustainable behaviour.

In return, you could score discounts on popular attractions, as well as free coffees, meals, and ice cream, while the scheme is running until August 11.

There are currently 24 attractions in the city that are signed up to take part in the scheme, including the Museum of Copenhagen. Here, you’ll be able to can claim a free cup of coffee when you purchase a ticket to enter if you’ve walked to the museum, travelled by bike, or used public transport.

You just have to take a photo of your ‘green action’ and show it to staff at the reception desk when you enter. You’ll then be given a voucher to use on the same day. 

Alternatively, you could borrow a kayak for free at GreenKayak in return for helping keep the harbour clean. While you’re out paddling, you just need to collect any waste you see out on the water, and then share your experience on social media.

There are also certain dates on which you can use your green behaviours to earn a free one hour GoBoat cruise around Copenhagen, or a 45-minute free bike ride with Donkey Republic.

For free food and drink, there’s an organic meal up for grabs at BaneGaarden if you collect trash and help protect Danish nature, free ice cream at The National Museum, and a free cold drink on offer at Level Six Rooftop Bar and Terrace including beer, wine, or soda which you can kick back enjoy with a stunning view — you’ve earned it after all!

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How to book cheap holidays

If you’re looking for other ways to save money on a holiday, you might consider booking a cheaper trip, and one destination was recently named the cheapest last-minute spot in Europe for an all-inclusive vacation.

The experts at Which? have sifted through thousands of travel deals to uncover the bargain package holidays that could save the day for last-minute bookers – including family favourite Tenerife, party capital Ibiza, and even the dazzling Moroccan coastline.

They analysed over 3,500 package holidays from the UK’s biggest holiday companies for the first week of August – which are still available to book now. 

Whilst African Morrocco came top of the list, it’s the rave capital of the Balearics Ibiza that came out as the cheapest in Europe. 

If you’re looking to combine sunshiney beaches with a buzzing nightlife, Ibiza is the perfect choice. You can get away for an average cost of £1,046 per person for a 7-day all-inclusive break – but some options start at as low as £804 per person. 

If these all-inclusive options are a bit out of your price range, Which? also searched for the best prices for self-catering, room-only, B&B and half board (breakfast and one main meal) 

Dalaman was the best, with budget-friendly options averaging around £781. It was closely followed by Bodrum, which is also in Turkey, at £800 per person. This is perfect if you’re after scorching temperatures as it’s usually above 30C every day.

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