Women have so many options when it comes to . From an updated routine to a new to a revamped makeup bag, the possibilities are endless.

Many women decide to go down the cosmetic route, opting for facelifts or eyelid surgeries, or less invasive procedures like face and lip fillers and permanent makeup.

But according to content creator and influencer Deirdre, founder of 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre, women can look younger in a flash with just a few simple style hacks.

Updating your look doesn't have to cost the earth. You don't have to chuck out all your favourite pieces - just invest in a few new accessories to pair with them.

Deirdre spoke exclusively to about three accessories women over 50 should invest in today.

She began: "Nothing looks more chic than a great pair of sunnies. It's virtually impossible to look frumpy when wearing a pair of contemporary, modern-shaped sunglasses.

"They are your ultimate, anti-ageing friend! Just make sure you don't wear delicate, old-fashioned, rimless ones. Instead, opt for modern, oversized or cat eye shapes which have soft edges to flatter your cheekbones.

"Choose frames that are shiny with a warm hue like tortoiseshell or caramel to add a youthful warmth and radiance. Or really go for it and rock an oversized black pair inspired by Jackie O."

But sunnies aren't the only anti-ageing accessory. According to the expert, now is not the time to go subtle and simplistic with jewellery.

Deirdre said: "This is an easy, chic and anti-ageing technique! Stacking your rings, your bracelets and your necklaces (but maybe not all in the same outfit!) gives a youthful vibe and is so easy to do.

"Just take an everyday outfit, such as jeans and a linen shirt. Add three to five bracelets, like a mix of a bangle, a chain and a friendship bracelet, then add a few necklaces such as a combination of a gold or silver pendant - which will be elongating for the figure - and chains. Voila, you have a chic and definitely 'de-frumped' outfit!

"Another option, which is very youthful, is to stack your rings as well. Create balance and contrast by wearing one single, simple ring on one finger, a group of thin rings on another and a different shaped ring, perhaps a big bolder on another finger. Sounds too much?! Try it! It's guaranteed to zhuzh your whole look!"

In a similar vein, the style influencer told women over 50 to buy some statement pieces. She said: "An important part of knowing how to "fix the frump factor" is understanding the effect that accessories have on your look.

"It's a fine line to tread between over-accessorising which can be aging, but being able to show off your favourite statement necklace.

"As a general rule, keep your accessories simple and minimal to reduce the frump factor risk.

"However, one statement piece can add a youthful twist to your outfit, such as a bold necklace, a show-stopping pair of earrings or a vintage, jewel-encrusted belt. Just don't wear the bold necklace, the show-stopping earrings AND the vintage jewel-encrusted belt altogether in one outfit!"

Check out 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre for the ultimate fashion tips for over 50s women.

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