Sienna Miller has said that younger men are more respectful to women than older generations.

The actor, 42, has welcomed a daughter with her boyfriend Oli Green, 27, in December last year and co-parents her first child Marlow with The Boat That Rocked and Sandman actor Tom Sturridge, 38.

Miller has been in a relationship with Green since 2021 after they met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party. The Layer Cake star was previously engaged to Jude Law in 2004 – who is ten years her senior.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar UK, Miller said there was a noticeable “difference” between the way the younger generation of men “respect women”.

“It’s specific to him [Green], he is very wise and well-adjusted, but I do believe it’s also that generation,” she said of her current partner.

“They have grown up with a slightly more level playing field. I see it in his female friends as well as in the men.”

Constrastingly, Miller recalled the “madness and the chaos” of her relationship with Jude Law in a recent interview on SiriusXM’s This Life of Mine with James Corden and called the romance “the most surreal experience”.

The former couple dated for nearly one year before getting engaged on Christmas Day 2004. However, a very public scandal revealed in 2005 that Law had cheated on his then-fiancée with his children’s nanny, Daisy Wright. At the time, The Talented Mr Ripley star was a father to his three children with ex-wife, Sadie Frost.

The Layer Cake actor explained that she was “so madly in love” with the Oscar nominee, but noted that she had “very little agency” with how she was portrayed in the media.

“It was in many ways the most exciting moment. I just started working and I was in a big film and in love with this idol, and very, very happy, but the flip side of it was so dark, so quickly,” said Miller, who was just 23 at the start of her relationship with Law.

Although Miller and Law called it quits in 2006, they did rekindle their romance in 2009 before ending things for good in 2011. Later that year, she sparked a relationship with Sturridge and welcomed their daughter, Marlowe, in July 2012. The pair broke up in 2015.

Elsewhere in the Harper’s Bazaar UK interview, Miller revealed she had learned from the young generation about how to set boundaries when handling fame.

Miller was relentlessly hounded by paparazzi in the fallout of her relationship with Law and had also been a victim of multiple phone hacking scandals, at one point claiming that The Sun had obtained medical records of her terminated pregnancy in 2005.

The Alfie actor reflected: “It’s interesting, being older now, and having been raised in that moment, learning from people who are younger about how clear they are in their boundaries, having that self-assuredness and self-advocacy, having ‘no’ in the repertoire in a way that we just weren’t encouraged to have.”

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