Refreshing your interior doesn’t have to be hard, nor does it have to be time-consuming – in fact, it should be fun! If you're in the mood for a refresh, why not explore the interior looks that are now more popular than ever?

By doing just one of these seven updates, your home is bound to have a whole new look and feel. Keep reading to find out how to restyle your home with ease this year.

One interior trend that’s predicted to be as popular in 2024 as it is in 2023 is 'hipstoric homes' – a term coined in the Pinterest Predicts report. The trend sees people finding new ways to honour old things in their homes. Got a hand-me-down handy? People are combining vintage—often inherited—pieces with their modern styles.

Spend some time exploring car boot sales, charity shops and even your attic for pieces that bring you joy, then combine them with the clean lines of contemporary interiors for a truly eclectic look.

Blue interiors complement both traditional and contemporary schemes alike, so it's unsurprising that shades ranging from deep navy to softer denim shades are set to stay in 2024.

This timeless tone is celebrated for its mood-boosting qualities and is utilised by designers and homeowners alike to help create soothing spaces that promote relaxation.

In fact, Benjamin Moore's Colour of the Year for 2024 is Blue Nova 825, a mid-tone blue inspired by the night sky and the brilliance of a new star formed in space.

You could try painting the lower half of a room a dark, midnight shade of blue, then paint the upper section a lighter shade to create a sense of depth and contrast.

Google Trends has reported a 140% increase in searches for ‘mood lamp’ over the last month, with people searching for lamps that combine style with functionality – and that can create a welcoming atmosphere during the darker months of the year.

By updating your lighting and taking style into as much consideration as use, you get dual benefits. Consider the styling of your lamps and ceiling lights as important as the ones you pick, too.

'Multiple table or bedside lamps don’t have to match' say Niki Wright and Scarlett Hampton, co-founders of lights&lamps.

They add: 'The more lamps the better! But they don’t have to be evenly spaced around a room. A cluster or a pairing of a large and small lamp side by side isn’t something you see people doing that often, but it is a simple and very effective trick to adding a dramatic layering of lighting to any space.'

'Shaggy Rugs are set to be one of 2024’s biggest interior trends,' say the team at Ruggable. Not simply a cosy addition to your home, but a trend-led one, they add that luxe shaggy texture has been 'seen everywhere from the catwalk to the cinema this season.'

Whether your home has hardwood floors or is already carpeted, adding a thick, shaggy rug to your space is the perfect way to amplify texture and give warmth to the space. If you don't want to go all in too soon, then a classic sheepskin rug nods to the trend, whilst remaining a solid investment piece you'll use for years to come.

When it comes to placing and styling a rug, Sam Baldry, head of design at Swoon, suggests: 'I love placing a rug in specific areas to create zones in the home. In the living room, positioning a rug between the coffee table and sofa creates a snug area dedicated to respite and relaxation – and will help to reduce heat loss in your abode, too.

'For an aesthetically pleasing display that all of your guests will envy, choose a warm tone such as a burnt auburn or harissa red. Sunset tones are great at bringing warmth into any space.'

A trend that's not going anywhere, anytime soon, biophilic design is all about bringing the outside in and reconnecting us with nature by creating homes that highlight natural colours, textures and materials. However, biophilic design is as much about well-being as it is about interiors.

'It’s not just indoor plants,' says Bo Hellberg, CMO of Scandinavian design brand, String Furniture. 'It’s also designs inspired by nature to create and promote well-being, almost a tad Henri Rousseau.'

Biophilic design also promotes well-being, lowers stress and enhances creativity, merging with the now well-established trend for slow living.

Opt for natural materials (such as wood, cotton, rattan and raffia) over their handmade counterparts, choose calming hues found in nature, and introduce greenery through the addition of houseplants.

Statement and custom mirrors are a tried-and-tested way interior designers make spaces feel bigger, without major home remodelling – a quick (and deposit-safe) option for renters. Demand for this room-opening interior trend is on the rise, with searches for mirror installation jumping 34 per cent on Yelp compared to last year.

'There are many styles of mirrors, so when narrowing down your choice, think about how you can tie it into your colour scheme and what era or aesthetic you’d like your room to be,' advises interior designer, Dani Dazey. 'Some of the more exciting design elements I look for when picking mirrors are unconventional shapes or colourful frames that pop.'

Scandinavian-inspired interiors are universally loved, thanks to their understated, relaxed style. However, the months ahead will see these kinds of interiors embrace an elevated look with the addition of new shades and textures.

Sam Greig, senior designer at Swoon, comments: 'To modernise the Scandi style, it’s time to embrace new neutrals and add a pop of colour into your space. Enhance a monotone interior with a statement piece in sage green or icy grey – such as a comfy armchair, or an ottoman with hidden storage. Top with a faux fur throw for the authentic Scandi experience, and you’re on to a winner.

'Although Scandi style usually calls for light-toned wood furniture, another material that is surging in popularity for Scandinavian interiors is stone. Think light, polished concrete dining tables, and marble pieces with wooden accents. Scandi, but elevated.'

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