INTERIOR DESIGN EXPERT SHARES TOP TIPS TO TRANSFORM YOUR HOME BEFORE SUMMER - LIST interiors expert Kate Conrad, founder of Madison and Mayfair, exclusively explains how you can take inspiration from the elements: and use gold to make your house look amazing.

And, don't worry the tips won't break the bank. Who doesn't love gold? But the key is getting the balance right.

Too much and people will walk into your home thinking you are a show-off.

But applied in the right way it can give any room the instant wow factor.

Bring the outside in

Art deco-inspired golden drinks accessories can add a sophisticated style for hosting summer drinks parties - gold drinks trays, gold champagne saucers, gold margarita glasses and gold drinks trolleys are all massively on trend right now too. You can also bring outside in with gold planters, golden animal statues, golden buddha statues.

Subtle shades

Not everyone wants gold to be in your face. So aim to introduce shades of gold more delicately via upholstery, drapery, cushions or carpet. It's important to strike the right balance so that the golden hues look elegant and eclectic and not gaudy. Practice restraint; in many cases the use of browns can anchor the shine of gold and make a good combination.


If you want old-world charm, go for an antique look. To achieve this, bring in statement pieces in dull gold and accessorise the room that way. You might also consider an accent wall and finish it with a two-tone golden metallic paint. This could look stunning.

Let there be light

Large illuminators painted gold can make for standalone statement pieces in a room. When done right they can make people stop and look up as soon as they enter the room.

Gold-lined chandeliers or even simple pendant lights in a gold-metallic finish can also add a touch of opulence to any space.

Look beyond the lounge

You can make a statement with gold in the bathrooms. I like to glam up the bathroom as it is an unexpected place to find glamour. A quick way is to use metallic tiles to create an accent feature and mark out different areas. It will make a space look luxurious.

Mix things up

Gold works well with other colours - especially black. The combination of black and gold looks rich and can draw a lot of attention when used together. A golden frame around a vintage painting also looks stunning with dramatic lights on a black wall. Gold is also the perfect partner for cream as it brings just the right amount of luxury to simplicity when you want the best of both worlds. Paired with cream and natural timber, gold brings a welcome dose of warmth to revive a tired or bland space while giving it a modern, stylish edge.

Kate Conrad, is the co-founder of Madison and Mayfair, for more information visit Madison and Mayfair.

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