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There’s an age-old saying in relationships that ‘what’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine’ and for us, that most definitely applies to our boyfriend’s wardrobe – especially when this Percival jacket is involved.

We firmly believe that if we’re allowing a man to take a trip to pound town with us, we deserve full access to their hoodies, oversized band T-shirts and even their boxers on those certain days of the month when we feel bloated and just need comfort.

Plus, like Phoebe once said in Friends, the pocket is great for storing your lipstick.

And we think we’ve found the perfect new wardrobe staple that will look amazing on your man and even better as an oversized fit on you. Because while it’s better to give than it is to receive, isn’t it amazing when you can do both?

The men’s embroidered zip jacket from celeb-loved brand Percival is a right stylish little dream we’re currently obsessed with for this Inbetween Weather.

It’s available in black but also an ecru shade for all the neutral-loving huns out there.

It’s got some cute embroidery of a truffle pig, which is ironically what our boyfriend calls us after we scoff the whole box of fancy chocolates on Christmas morning before 9am.

Plus, if you’re absolutely potty for pockets (and who isn’t?) there’s outer AND inner ones. Just THINK of the snacks you can stash.

If that isn’t enough to get your knickers wagging, the Percival clothing brand is also beloved by actor of the moment Jonah Hauer-King.

If you don’t know this man, you’ll soon be obsessed. He plays the dishy new Prince Eric in the film adaptation of The Little Mermaid and ladies, we’d sell our voice, soul and even grandma for a chance to roll around on the sand with him. Put it this way, we reckon it is better down where it’s wetter with Jonah (sorry mum).

He’s been spotted wearing pieces from Percival’s High Summer collection twice in the last month, including once at Cannes and again on a press trip with The Gentleman’s Journal Sunday Lunch at La Guerite. He rocked our fave embroidered zip jacket and also looked totes suave in a linen suit and brick Cuban shirt.

Based in East London’s uber trendy Hackney, Percival is the brainchild of founder Chris Gove. The label’s aim is to create wardrobe staples that have that unique sense of British style but also humour.

They don’t take themselves too seriously. They describe themselves as being inspired by minimalist architecture and monochrome marble but also loving Super Noodles, biscuits and gardening.

Erm, we don’t wanna come across as one of those people who marries a tree but is anyone else feeling attracted to this menswear label?

As well as Jonah, the brand is also loved by absolute hottie Paul Mescal who looked like a right dish in their short-sleeved ribbed shirt. The brand has also crossed the pond, with Ryan Reynolds rocking the Casa Piccante Shirt and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson flexing his muscles in a short-sleeved knit shirt.

The brand is not the cheapest around but with a high price tag, you’re paying for high quality.

And think about it this way, you’re buying wardrobe staples that both you AND your boyfriend will get the wear out of.

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