Fall may be upon us, but we can't help but lean into the endless amounts of summer inspiration from the newest design project by stylist and interior designer Emily Henderson.

Her new sunroom, which she revealed on Instagram earlier this week, is a sophisticated, light and airy space that channels a classical and feminine design style. Flooded with natural light, the space looks like an idyllic summertime sanctuary. 

Forming part of the designer's wider farmhouse renovation project, the sunroom doubles as a dining room and writing studio, containing an elegant mix of soft colors, natural textures, and traditional floor tiles. 

The furniture in the room includes a large wooden table, alongside wooden chairs which are upholstered in a muted shade of green. The use of natural wood in the space ensures it remains a natural and organic feeling, perfect for its close links to the surrounding outdoors.

Interior designer Artem Kropovinsky explains: 'Wooden oak chairs are timeless. Oak, known for its strength and durability, evokes a sense of stability. Paired with pale green upholstery, it resonates with the freshness of the outdoors, subtly mirroring the green from the tall plants.'

In addition, the classic black and white diamond patterned floor tiles provide contrast to the traditional dining room amongst the light-colored wood and prevent the room from feeling too soft and delicate. 

Kropovinsky observes: 'Checker black and white square diagonal tiles are both classic and bold. Laid diagonally, they not only elongate the space but introduce a dynamic that is both nostalgic and contemporary. This pattern provides an unexpected twist, ensuring the floor isn't just a foundation but a design statement.'

Arguably the standout feature of the new sunroom, however, is the large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide endless amounts of natural light to the space. The windows were custom-designed and feature a diamond pattern which further secures the room's traditional style, whilst promoting a timeless feel. 

'Sunlight is the true hero in this design. A well-lit space is key in interior design as it showcases every element, creates an inviting environment, and can significantly elevate the mood. Here, it seems to dance on every surface, making the space feel alive and vibrant,' Kropovinsky continues to explain. 

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