Six Strategies for Retiring on a Fixed Income

When your paychecks quit rolling in, will you be OK? Run through this pre-retirement checklist to see how ready you really are for life on a fixed income.

Western diet linked to higher wheezing rates in children

By Vijay Kumar Malesu In a recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports , researchers examined the association between adherence to a Western-style dietary pattern and the likelihood of asthma and its symptoms among children and adolescents in Yazd, Iran. Study: Associa...

How many litres of water should you drink a day and does tea count?

Drink up!

Woman Quits Her Job To Move Into Her Tesla With Her Pets, Now Travels Around The US And Canada

A Canadian woman, once settled in a condo with a routine life, recently made life-altering decisions - she left her job, rented out her condo and is now living and travelling around Canada and the US with her pets on a Tesla. Now, her life is anything but ordinary. In a conversation with Charissa Cheong, Business Insider's First Person Reporter, St...

50 things all Scousers will do at least once in their life

Ever bumped into another Scouser halfway across the world?

7 British stereotypes that are 100% true

23 backyard ideas and landscaping inspiration for a stunning outdoor space –in all seasons

From fire pits to vegetable gardens and hard landscaping tips, these backyard ideas will deliver year-round interest to create a cool, convivial spot.

These 6 tropical landscaping ideas will give your space a resort feel

Our tropical landscaping ideas will uplift your backyard with water features, lush plants, vibrant shades, and tactile materials in bright colors

'Laoqianfeng' Is China's 'Quiet Luxury': Here's How The Ultra Rich Are Redefining Status Symbols

In China, the wealthiest millennials are showcasing their achievements through unique and understated status symbols, moving away from traditional ostentatious displays of wealth. As millennials, those in their late 20s to early 40s, reach significant life milestones, many are prioritising career progress and unique experiences over conventional sy...

Healthy living could add an extra five years to life – study

Healthy living could add an extra five years to life – study - People with unhealthy lifestyles have a 78% increased risk of death, regardless of their genetic risk.

Sienna Miller: Younger men are more respectful to women

Sienna Miller has claimed that modern men are more respectful to women than their predecessors. The British film star, 42, has welcomed the birth of a child with her younger partner Oli Green, 15 years her junior. Miller believes that his generation has been instilled with a greater respect for women and a greater sense of egalitarianism. The film ...

Mediterranean diet cuts environmental impact and improves metabolic health, study finds

By Priyanjana Pramanik, MSc. In a recent study published in the journal Science of the Total Environment , researchers investigated the environmental impact of a Mediterranean diet with reduced energy intake over one year in participants with metabolic syndrome. Their results indicate th...

I live on a cruise ship — here’s how much I spend each month

What it’s really like to live in the Cotswolds

Once best known for its rolling hills and honey-coloured stone, the Cotswolds has become the manicured, eye-wateringly expensive country playground of the famous and seriously rich. This world of posh farm shops, multi-million-pound mansions and whippet-thin women is satirised in Wives Like Us, a new novel out this month by Plum Sykes. The newest r...

4 ways to bring bees to your garden, including the colours they love

Create a buzz with these quick tips 🐝

8 reasons you feel tired all the time and what you can do about it

Françoise Hardy's life in looks — the star who set the eternal style tone for French fashion

Françoise Hardy's life in looks — the star who set the eternal style tone for French fashion -

Map shows where Victorian illness is making a comeback

In recent years the illness has become much more widespread as it becomes easier and cheaper to find foods high in fat, sugar and salt.

TV property expert Kunle Barker on how to transform your home cheaply and easily

TV property expert Kunle Barker on how to transform your home cheaply and easily - The property expert and TV presenter tells Lisa Salmon how to create the house of your dreams without spending a nightmare amount of money.

8 tips for your best ever hair (that won’t cost you a thing)

These simple daily habits can improve the health of your hair over time

How gardeners can find that tricky balance between lawn and not-lawn

How gardeners can find that tricky balance between lawn and not-lawn - When it comes to the American lawn, feelings can run high

‘I started strength training at 62 after a double organ transplant—now I'm stronger than ever'

3 things that were key to my success

Here's how a super-slimmer from Wrexham lost eight stone which transformed her life

Helen Griffiths shed a whopping eight stone in weight going from a size 24 to a size 16 in just sixteen months, changing her life forever.

Scientists name eight measures that can slow ageing by up to six years

Scientists have named eight health measures that can slow the body’s ageing process by six years. Keeping body weight, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure in check while maintaining healthy sleep and eating regimes, doing regular physical activity and not smoking may slow the ageing process by around six years, US experts say. A study suggests that following these measures promotes good heart health, which in turn may slow the pace of...

Tranquil decor: 10 ways to channel calming vibes in your home

Tranquil decor: 10 ways to channel calming vibes in your home - Seeking sanctuary at home will put you in a happy place, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

Feeling lonely? Here are 31 tried and tested tips to combat loneliness

Loneliness can have serious consequences for our mental and physical health

The health risks of being a skinny old person – and how to stay strong

Like so many fitness influencers, Rosemary Mallace runs strength-based classes on YouTube. Unlike so many fitness influencers, she is 73. She’s just starting to add fell running and tap dancing to her exercise regime. “I’m trying to think of something that I can’t do that I used to be able to do and I can’t think of anything.” It seems the Miss Mar...

Your Guide to City-Girl Summer Fashion

See one editor's styling tips.

14 things Brits living in the US miss most about the UK

Friday Favorites: What's the Ideal BMI and Waist Size?

Is there a unisex chart to see what your optimal weight might be based on your height? Increased risk of metabolic complications starts at an abdominal circumference of 31.5 inches in women and 37 inches in most men, though it’s closer to 35.5 inches for South Asian, Chinese, and Japanese men. This video may be triggering for people with a history of eating disorders. While there is an optimum waist size for health, it is important that one does not go to extreme measures to achieve these numbers, as this can result in devastating physical and mental consequences. For those struggling with an eating disorder, consider checking out If you missed the previous videos in this obesity series, see: • The Best Knee Replacement Alternative for Osteoarthritis Treatment ( • The Effects of Obesity on Back Pain, Blood Pressure, Cancer, and Diabetes ( • The Effects of Obesity on Dementia, Brain Function, and Fertility ( • The Effects of Obesity on Gallstones, Acid Reflux, and Cardiovascular Disease ( • The Effects of Obesity on the Immune System and Kidney and Liver Diseases ( • Is the Obesity Paradox Real or a Myth? ( While we should not understate the health risks that obesity raises—all of which are outlined in my series on the ABCs of obesity—we also recognize the effects that stigma against body size has on one’s health.: ( ( I cover all of this and more at length in my book How Not to Diet ( Its companion Cookbook ( has more than 100 delicious Green-Light recipes that incorporate some of my 21 Tweaks ( for the acceleration of body fat loss. New subscribers to our e-newsletter always receive a free gift. Get yours here: Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at and someone on the team will try to answer it. Want to get a list of links to all the scientific sources used in this video? Click on Sources Cited at You’ll also find a transcript and acknowledgements for the video, my blog and speaking tour schedule, and an easy way to search (by translated language even) through our videos spanning more than 2,000 health topics. Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution! -Michael Greger, MD FACLM Captions for this video are available in several languages; you can find yours in the video settings. View important information about our translated resources: • Subscribe: • Donate: • Podcast : • Books: • Shop: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram:

10 most relaxing places to live in the UK revealed

I knew I had to give up drinking when my daughter asked ‘why is mummy behaving so strangely?’

I’m pretty sure I gravitated towards a career in advertising because of the heavy drinking lifestyle, although I now think that whatever industry I’d found myself in, I’d have been a drinker, because alcohol gave me the social confidence I lacked. My first foray was trying cider when I was 15 and drinking with my then-boyfriend who was older than m...

Freedom, travel and taxes: Digital nomads reveal the best (and worst) aspects of their lifestyle

One of the best ways of getting information about becoming a digital nomad is by talking to those who have done it before.

Don’t quit booze – just drink differently: 15 ways to change your life without trying all that hard

1. Don’t give up alcohol – experiment with drinking differently Dr Richard Piper, CEO of Alcohol Change UK The most important thing with alcohol is to get into a situation where you are happy with your drinking. I used to be a very heavy drinker: 60-90 units a week. I can’t tell you how life-changing cutting down has been. To me, life is in colour without drinking, whereas before it was very grey and drab. I would encourage a sense of...

Can You Tell a 'Finfluencer' From a Flimflammer?

For better or worse, finfluencers have dedicated followers on YouTube, TikTok and elsewhere. Before you take any financial advice, ask these three questions.

Drinks! Canapés! Gossip! Our insider guide to London’s exclusive summer parties

Drinks! Canapés! Gossip! Our insider guide to London’s exclusive summer parties - From the political bash to the high art event, a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on inside the capital’s most exciting soirées

How to transition to grey hair with confidence

The smart way to embrace shades from slate to silver

Six salads to help you lose a stone

With the chunky jumpers finally being packed away, it’s time to shape up for summer. Despite the myriad diets available, the only proven way to lose weight is for the body to be in a calorie deficit. Whichever way this is packaged, be it old-fashioned calorie-counting, low-carb, low-fat or intermittent fasting, to shed the pounds we must ingest few...

‘I walked 25k steps per day for a year, here are 12 things I’ve learned’

Exactly how my mind and body have changed

I visited the best place to live in South Yorkshire and it’s easy to see why

“Stocksbridge is full of friendly people with a proud past which has been built on a heart of steel”

US states where people live the longest

Dr Michael Mosley shares 3 golden rules to lose belly fat quickly

Weight loss guru doctor Michael Mosley has some advice

What you can do now to prevent a stroke in the future, according to doctors

What you can do now to prevent a stroke in the future, according to doctors - How to lower your stroke risk at every age

Have a home, or have a life? The brutal reality young adults face

Increasingly, Millennials and Gen Z are also being forced to make brutal choices about what they can and cannot afford to do

I Did it My Way: Zita Cobb, founder of Canada's Fogo Island Inn

I Did it My Way: Zita Cobb, founder of Canada's Fogo Island Inn - In our new sustainable travel icons column, Zita Cobb of Fogo Island Inn reveals how creating a sustainable luxury hotel resulted in a new economic engine for a remote island destination

Michael Mosley had seen his dad die young - he didn’t want to go the same way

One month before he died, Dr Michael Mosley told me he was looking forward to the future. In what would be one of his final interviews, he explained he had no intention of slowing down, nor was he contemplating retirement. Rather, he was determined to keep working “until they tell me to stop”. “I’m 67 and a lot of my mates are now retired,” he told...

How to master grown-up festival dressing

Denim hotpants? Fringe jackets? Absolutely not! This is Good Housekeeping's ultimate festival fashion guide for grown-ups

Best affordable swimwear brands: Anthropologie, Monsoon and more

Best affordable swimwear brands: Anthropologie, Monsoon and more - Save while you catch a wave

‘It probably saved my life’: How a low-carb diet can help with type 2 diabetes

‘It probably saved my life’: How a low-carb diet can help with type 2 diabetes - After he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Giancarlo and his wife Katie went on a journey to discover the low-carb diet that would eventually put him in remission

28 Iconic J.Lo Street Style Outfits

The icon has blessed us with fashion moments aplenty (not to mention, his-and-hers style).