This is Why People in Costa Rica Live Longer than Anywhere Else in the World

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'I'm 66, walk 15k steps a day and lift heavier weights than ever'

After a decade in pain, strength training saved me.

Jamaica is a 'fly and flop' favourite but here's how to get more out of your trip

What is there to do other than sun yourself on the beach at a Jamaican all-inclusive?

23 backyard ideas and landscaping inspiration for a stunning outdoor space –in all seasons

From fire pits to vegetable gardens and hard landscaping tips, these backyard ideas will deliver year-round interest to create a cool, convivial spot.

This is how to 'eat for abs' – according to two nutritionists

Sooooo... are abs really built in the kitchen?

10 most relaxing places to live in the UK revealed

The intuitive self-care rituals that Bobbi Brown lives by

The make-up artist and entrepreneur on her personalised approach to wellness

‘A wellness retreat helped me find joy in routine’

For one writer, accustomed cycling through bursts of rigid scheduling and slipping into unstructured freefall, a new relationship with healthy balance was exactly what she needed

What to buy in Lidl – and what to avoid

When Lidl launched in the UK in 1994, a shopping trip was like going abroad. The unfamiliar brands, the Germanic styling, the multilingual labels. It was all so foreign. Then there was the unapologetic presentation – the pallets stacked with boxes, the lack of choice (one kind of tinned tomatoes, while Sainsburys might have six or more), the scant ...

What drives Gen Z to embrace plant-based diets?

By Priyanjana Pramanik, MSc. In a recent study published in the journal Foods , researchers investigated Gen Z's perceptions toward plant-based foods and the factors influencing their willingness to adopt green-eating practices across university students in Greece, India, and the United Kingdom...

Our favourite swimwear picks to wear this summer

Swimwear season is officially here

The Cost of Living in the Algarve: A Comprehensive Guide

The Algarve, Portugal's southernmost region, is renowned for its stunning coastline, sunny weather, and vibrant culture. But how does the cost of living here stack up? Whether you're a retiree, a digital nomad, or a family considering a move, understanding the cost of living in the Algarve is crucial. This guide will delve into the details, covering everything from housing and groceries to entertainment and transportation.

Rheumatoid arthritis forced me to change my diet – and now I’m pain free

I can’t remember a time in my life when there hasn’t been pain somewhere in my body. It came to dominate much of my adult life. If somebody hasn’t been in constant pain, it’s hard to describe it to them. You’re masking the whole time, and everything is so much more difficult. The mornings were the worst for me as the throbbing and aching sensations...

I used to live on takeaways, now I’m a 51-year-old bodybuilder

Sarah Davies, 51, is not your average bodybuilder. The mother of one, who works full-time, picked up her intense training routine in midlife and “fell into it by accident”, she says. “I’d struggled with my weight from when I left school and discovered alcohol, boys and Chinese takeaways,” she says. “Throughout my 20s and 30s, I did all kinds of car...

Burnt out at work? Become a tradie to reduce your stress levels

The least - and most stressful - jobs have been ranked.

Living Well: My Guide to a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle | VLOG | Dominique Sachse

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Body clock could determine best time for blood pressure medication, study shows

Body clock could determine best time for blood pressure medication, study shows - Research has revealed a person’s chronotype – the time they wake up and go to sleep – can impact how they interact with their medication.

'I worked out at 5am every day – and it taught me 3 important things'

It all started with a 4 am alarm...

A moment that changed me: I was divorced, broke and alone – but I turned my life around with a list

The silence in the flat was deafening. Having lost almost everything in my divorce, it was now just me in a basement studio flat with black mould. I had no TV, no sofa and the wifi wasn’t set up. I sat at a cheap folding table and made a list. Since my life was no longer going to be the way I had planned – marriage, kids, a dog, a late-Victorian terrace in a country town – I was going to try something else. I was going to do all the things on my...

‘We moved to Spain from UK – but now we’re back. The dream became a nightmare’

‘Don’t give up everything you worked so hard for and leave the UK to live in Spain - try it out first’, warns family who say living in Spain is not all it's cracked up to be

‘Death cleaning’ isn’t morbid, it’s the healthiest thing you can do

‘Death cleaning’ isn’t morbid, it’s the healthiest thing you can do - IN FOCUS: None of us knows when our time will come, but we all have the power to ensure we don’t leave our loved ones with an almighty mess to clear up. Helen Coffey explores the Swedish practice of getting your affairs in order before you die

Feeling lonely? Here are 31 tried and tested tips to combat loneliness

Loneliness can have serious consequences for our mental and physical health

Understanding anxiety: Behaviors not to take personally

Sometimes, people experience anxiety sporadically. Typically, worry due to specific events or everyday concerns lasts briefly, from a few minutes to a few days. It's important to understand situations where getting upset with someone isn't necessary, as there are specific reasons for this, according to the "How are you?" psychological community on ...

Eight Easy Ways to Save Money Without Compromising Your Lifestyle

Saving money can be as simple as a quick phone call.

Research quantifies impact of childhood obesity on long-term health and life expectancy

New research being presented at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Venice, Italy (12-15 May) has, for the first time, quantified the impact of different aspects of childhood obesity on long-term health and life expectancy. The modelling by stradoo GmbH, a life sciences consultancy in...

This popular European city is offering rewards to tourists — with free meals and wine

This definitely just shot to the top of our must visit list!

Six surprising things that increase your heart health risk

Smoking, an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise are all bad habits that harm the heart. But beyond these obvious red flags, there are other factors that can dramatically raise our risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Vaping While smoking is one of the main factors that raise the likelihood of heart disease, vaping isn’t a risk-free alterna...

Functional fitness workouts are trending – how they can dramatically improve both your strength and quality of life

"It's like upgrading your body to handle life better"

Michael Moseley names one fruit everyone should eat to lower bad cholesterol

High cholesterol can cause health problems

Why The Milkmaid Dress Is The Summer Style Saviour You've Been Searching For

The trending silhouette is universally flattering, versatile and the perfect mix of coquette and cool.

Best dining tables for entertaining in style

Best dining tables for entertaining in style - We’re serving up the best dining tables, from extendable to solid-oak and industrial designs

What you can do every night to prevent irritable bowel syndrome

What you can do every night to prevent irritable bowel syndrome - Study finds leading healthy lifestyle strongly linked to lower chance of developing condition

Living on Lanzarote: advantages, cost of living and why choose it

The island of Lanzarote emerges from the Atlantic Ocean as a unique enclave, a land of contrasts where volcanic nature combines with serene beaches and an excellent climate. Deciding to live on Lanzarote is opting for a particular lifestyle, in which the environment's calm and beauty play a leading role.

The DIY addicts creating their perfect home – and saving over £50,000

Some women buy their husbands watches or aftershave as presents. But knowing how much he loves DIY, Tim Mulhall’s wife bought him a dilapidated vintage train carriage, thinking it would be ideal to convert into a micro-Airbnb. “Clearly I was running out of projects, so my wife found a local farmer who had all of these old railway wagons in his fiel...

Personality has more impact on satisfaction than circumstances, study suggests

Personality has more impact on satisfaction than circumstances, study suggests - Researchers spoke to 20,000 people and those close to them to assess their level of general happiness with life.

The 3-minute yoga routine that can lower your blood sugar and stress levels

A little can do a lot.

Daisy Edgar-Jones is making a name for herself in fashion

The actress opens up about finding confidence on the red carpet and working with Hailey Bieber's stylist

This is how to look after your ageing dog

When people get older, all kinds of age-related ailments pop up. They need to rest more, become more rigid, get cold or too hot more quickly ... This is no different for dogs. Dogs do not stay young forever either. So they need extra care and attention from their owner. This is how to make the life of your 'aging friend' as pleasant as possible: Provide a comfortable resting place Pleasant temperature, soft and clean. Take care of the coat With...

'I'd never felt at home until I moved here': Ashley James on living in Battersea

'I'd never felt at home until I moved here': Ashley James on living in Battersea - TV presenter and radio broadcaster Ashley James on why her patch of south-west London is the first place she has felt at home in the city

I started smoking at 14 – and reached 40 a day. A single therapy session changed my life

Smoking has warped my brain. One evening last winter, as I stood outside a pub, cigarette in hand, a friend who works in life insurance decided to calculate the chance of me dying before I hit 60 if I carried on smoking. He quizzed me about my lifestyle, plugging the answers into his death matrix. “If you give up smoking now, there’s a 6% chance you die before hitting 60. If you don’t, it’s 13%,” he concluded. Normal people will see that the...

14 things Brits living in the US miss most about the UK

What is combination cholesterol therapy, as study suggests it could save lives?

What is combination cholesterol therapy, as study suggests it could save lives? - Researchers say thousands of lives could be changed every year.

I’ve ditched city life to live in a cave – I’ll never go back

Gisbert Lippelt has swapped city life for a simple life in a cave in Italy, but there is one modern convenience he cannot do without

How did scientists discover new anti-ageing secrets from the world’s longest-living vertebrate?

The study found that higher ocean temperatures could threaten the unique species of shark. View on euronews

The 10 best Glastonbury looks of all time and how to replicate them

Our favourite fashion from the farm

I went solo travelling in my 60s - here's what it taught me

Eager to discover the real Italy, Lorna Jackson, 72, went on a three-month solo exploration. Speaking to GH, she shares the life lessons that she returned home with.

Vegans snap up diet supplements as health concerns grow

Vegans are racing to buy diet supplements amid growing concerns that the lifestyle can cause health problems, a senior retailer has said. Alex Gourley, the chairman of Holland & Barrett, said people on vegan diets were starting to be “much more aware of the supplements” they needed to take when only eating plant-based food. Mr Gourley said customer...

‘I was fat, old and widowed – then I found love and lost a stone’

My world collapsed when I lost my beloved wife Kim to ovarian cancer in 2017 when she was just 59. We were happily married for 38 years and had been through so much together over the decades. The loss just felt shattering. Dealing with the grief, I stopped caring about myself, eating junk all day and drinking beer every night. Our family house just...

This is your failsafe guide to how to stay fit in your 60s, according to top pros

By the time you reach your 60s, there are myriad reasons you may be less active than you were twenty or thirty years ago. Bodies and circumstances evolve over time, as do the types of movement we enjoy – team that with the fact that most generalised exercise advice tends to be targeted at people decades your junior, it can be hard to know how to st...

CrossFit champion Sara Sigmundsdóttir on training, rehabbing, and expressing her creativity

'I train for between six and eight hours a day, with breaks in between'