Knowing how to refresh a small living room will come in handy, whether you're getting ready to spring clean your home, or want to give it a good sprucing up.

We've spoken with interior designers who are used to heading into homes and glowing them up to find out what they do to freshen up this small space. Quickly decluttering and repurposing decor are just some of their favorite ways to do this.

You might be looking for new small living room ideas, but giving what you already have some TLC can have just as brilliant an effect as decorating with all-new pieces.

How to refresh a small living room

By cleaning, resetting, and organizing your small living room, your space will feel so much better to sit back and relax in.

Where our experts have mentioned anything specific, we've also found some helpful buys for you to shop, so you can start refreshing ASAP.

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1. Start by decluttering

When moving through the living room, it can be so easy to drop items here and there, not realizing they’re building up mess in your wake. 

“It may not seem like much, but clearing clutter from your small living room could give your space an entirely new look,” says Ivo Iv, home improvement expert and founder of Decor Home Ideas.

He continues, “Start by removing any items not serving a purpose in the room and clear any flat surfaces to provide the room with a neat look.”

As for smaller items which may serve a purpose, Ivo says to consider containing them. “You can stack magazines and small art pieces on the shelf to add to the space decoratively,” he adds. 

Freestanding shelves such as this ladder shelf on Wayfair are great if you're renting or don't want to DIY wall shelves.

When deciding what items to remove, consider the Marie Kondo tidying up approach. Her bottom line is: if it an item isn't sparking joy, it’s probably worth booting.

2. Consider furniture placement

If you’re looking for ways to redecorate without splashing any cash whatsoever, you’re going to love this trick.

Ivo explains, “This is the most straightforward and cost-effective way to revamp your living room, as your furniture arrangement significantly impacts the overall perception of this space.”

Our experts have shared how to arrange furniture in a small living room, including around a focal point, and how best to zones areas for function.

A cozy conversation-based living room will have a different arrangement from one centered around the TV area. “Decide on the mood you want the room to inspire and then rearrange the room to fit it,” Ivo adds.

The right placements can even improve your small living room Feng Shui and energy flow, which is always a big win.

3. Hang a mirror up

Even if you can’t magically transform the size of your space, you can make your small living room look bigger by bringing in a beautiful mirror. 

“Mirrors can make a small room appear more spacious and open by reflecting light and views,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

To make the most of this effect, locate a big mirror on the opposite side of the window, or on a wall in need of more depth.

You could do this with either a full-length mirror (we like this artsy wavy Wrought Studio Amon Mirror on Wayfair) or a circular mirror (this Beautypeak Round Mirror on Amazon has over 1,600 five-star reviews), depending on how dramatic an effect you’re after.

4. Repurpose existing decor

We love buying sparkly new small living room decor pieces, but working with the beauties you already have in your home can be just as effective.

Ivo explains, “You can change the placement of your wall art, relocate a plant, or even change your window treatments to give your small living room an updated look.”

The secret here, according to Ivo, is changing the visual outlook of the room. Don’t be afraid to look outside the living room, too. If you have your best candles or throw pillows in a small guest bedroom you’re not using, consider moving these to your living space instead to make the most out of them.

5. Add a few plants

You don’t need to turn your home into a fabulous tropical plant jungle, but even adding one or two indoor plants will add vibrancy to your home.

“One of the best ways to refresh smaller living spaces is to bring it to life with indoor plants and trees,” says Heather O’Donovan, design expert and founder of Hortihop.

She says to consider pairing an aglaonema (this Nature’s Way Farms Aglaonema on Walmart is eye-catching) against a brick wall to bring out the brick's softer tones or a bromeliad (this bromeliad Antonio Pink from The Sill would make a great gift) against a yellow wall for a pop of color and added fun.

Heather also says you can add 'Black Raven' ZZ plants (we love this moody Costa Farms ZZ Plant on Walmart) against darker green, navy, or black backdrops to enrich those cozy darker hues. 

“Aesthetically varied, often colorful, and with something for everyone, indoor plants enrich our homes and our lives — winter, spring, summer, or fall,” Heather adds.

Not only this, but plants last longer than fresh flowers, as lovely as these blooms are.

You don’t need to put in a lot of effort to give your small living room a refresh. use these tips throughout the year, whether you’re hosting guests or just want to switch things up. 

If you want to carry on re-energizing your home, we also love these renter-friendly ways to refresh small bathrooms.

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