Whether you’re looking for a dose of calm or want to add a touch of drama and sophistication to a space, blue is one of the most versatile choices on the colour wheel. Dating back centuries, colour historian and author Alexandra Loske reveals Prussian Blue (a dark, vibrant blue), was the first synthetic pigment to be created since Egyptian Blue in 2200 B.C.

One of the first people to experiment with this new colour was King George IV, who was known for his daring choice of paint colours and love of opulent interiors. Alexandra says: “He was one of the first monarchs to really go for it-he didn’t care about other people’s opinions. His main desire was to create spectacular homes and was obsessed with those rich jewel-like tones.”

Shortly after George IV’s reign and the industrial revolution in the 17th century, Alexandra explains that there was a wonderful wave of colour. Suddenly everyone was able to decorate their homes with highly saturated hues, which were once only accessible to the wealthy. “By the time we got to the mid 19th century, cobalt blue was on the rise. This era in history felt like anything was possible and it became important to invest in the aesthetic feel of your home.”

Blue is once again at the forefront of our minds and we’re ready to add a splash of it into our homes this year. From cool, ocean breeze tones to mysterious indigos, we’ve asked six colour experts and designers to share with us the exact shades they’re loving and how you can add them into your bedroom, kitchen, hallway and more.

The on-trend blue shades

Pale, traditional blues

Pandora Taylor, Interior Designer

Always striving to create designs that are joyful backgrounds to her clients’ everyday lives, Pandora Taylor founded her own interior design company back in 2018 and has never looked back since. With a huge portfolio of beautiful interior schemes that embrace rich colours and styles, Pandora is an expert when it comes to creating playful yet polished designs.

“Blue for me feels like you’re instantly bringing sunshine into your home. It just subliminally reminds me of those sunny summer skies, which I think creates an infectious energy to your home. You can create this feeling by opting for those blue shades that are associated with the sky, but have this lovely, pared back feel to them. My current favourites are Farrow & Ball’s Skylight and De Nimes.”

Pandora also reveals why this shade of blue is so easy to incorporate into your home and the colourways that pair beautifully with this style. “Whether you need to be uplifted in your kitchen or restful in your bedroom, these types of hues are the new neutrals. We see this shade in nature all the time, which is why it has this wonderful ability to register but not overwhelm our minds. To make it the best backdrop to a room, pair it with vibrant greens, energetic blues, or ochre furnishings for a swanky feel.”

Muted Indigos

Emily May, Interior Designer

From helping her mum make curtains when she was just nine years old to now running her own business, Emily’s passion for interior design runs in her veins. With a host of experience, Emily has done everything from hotel designs to helping her clients with self-builds and renovations. With her business located in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Emily mainly gets her inspiration from the beautiful Welsh countryside and loves incorporating those natural tones into her designs.

“My advice is to get brave with blue this year. I’m steering away from those sort of grey blues, as our British homes just can’t really cope with those types of hues. The shades of blue that I feel are more timeless and long-lasting are those wonderful indigos. A colour that has caught my eye recently is Woad by Little Greene. Although it seems bright on swatches, on walls it’s got this tiny hint of purple in it that helps softens its darkness and gives any room a gorgeous warmth.”

Emily also believes that painting your home has the biggest effect and why colour drenching a room is always a good idea. “Blue is an easy colour to take through as a theme in your home and there is so many different shades of blue to suit a variety of moods. One of my favourite designs I created was a blue lounge, where we painted all four walls and skirting boards the same colour. It seemed daunting to the client, but it instantly created this drama and sanctuary feel to their living room. However, if you are looking for a quick fix of blue; simply paint your kitchen cupboards in this hue for a quick elevation.”

Electric blue

Joanne Hardcastle, Interior Stylist, and Author

The queen of Instagram-able interiors and author of interiors book The Art of Home, you may also recognise Joanne as a contestant from BBC’s Interior Design Master’s in 2023. Taking pride in her whimsical modern vintage style, Joanne sure knows how to add a splash of colour and character to your home.

“If you’re feeling drawn to a bright blue in your home, then think about how you could make it an accent colour to one of your rooms. A shade that went viral last year was Yes Colours’ Electric Blue. Zingy and fun, this hue will instantly give a room a more energetic feel. However, I don’t think I’d want to sit in a whole room painted in electric blue, but I would strongly recommend using it as an accent.”

To help you find the perfect shade to compliment your bright blue hue, Joanne has shared the best paint chart trick: “While we all know that the different shades of one colour are arranged downwards on a paint chart, did you know that those horizontal to one another have the same pigments? This means that all the colours in their horizontal lines perfectly work with one another.”

Mid-tone blue

Sarah O’Sullivan, Designer at John Lewis & Partners

With customers at the heart of her thinking, Sarah is one of John Lewis & Partners’ talented in-house designers, who endeavours to create achievable home designs. From having all the knowledge on the latest trends, and her fingers on the pulse on the nation’s mood, Sarah is always in the know about what people are seeking in their homes each year. Outside of work, Sarah has a strong interest in collecting objects and art, and loves decorating her home with pieces that feel bold, playful, and colourful.

“The colour of season here at John Lewis & Partners is called Sky Blue, which is an ageless mid-pale blue, which has wonderful associations with the ocean and the sky” says Sarah. “A paint shade that inspired our colour choice was Morris & Co’s River Wandle, but our shade differently has more of a vibrant feel to it. We also think it’s the perfect colour to combat that current turmoil that surrounds us and will immediately add a a sense of calm and tranquillity to your home.”

Sarah also reveals why the bedroom is one of her favourite places to use this shade and how you can make this mid-tone work all year round. “Blue in the bedroom is having a big moment right now. When designing the Sky Blue shade, we really wanted to create a colour that had a strong connection between home and wellness. With a relaxing and calming influence, we didn’t just create this colour for its physical appearance, but also for the psychology of the colour too. To make this colour work in summer, mix it with those lovely crisp neutrals, whites, and pale terracotta shades and in winter, instead pair it with those deeper shades such as a royal red.”


Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene

Training as a landscape architect at university, Ruth has a strong love for the great outdoors and a passion for design. Joining her family business and established paint company Little Greene in 2011 as the Creative Director, Ruth is now responsible for creating concepts and ideas for their upcoming collections and choosing new on-trend colours to add to their charts.

“I’m loving those beautiful blue-black shades this year. One that has caught my eye has to be Basalt from Little Greene. It’s a lovely dark blue paint colour that has this classic finish and looks very sophisticated. I think it’s great for lots of different places in your home and works with lots of different materials and bright colours.”

Ruth also confirms the moods and effects that blue can have in your home and why she thinks it’s trending this year. “I strongly believe blue in your home is good for your soul. Whether you’re decorating your home office with a deep blue or your bedroom with a light blue, whatever blue you pick it will always create a feeling of peacefulness wherever it’s placed. I think everyone needs this comfort in their homes right now, and more of our customers are starting to really care about the appearance of their home and want to create a place that they feel proud of.”

Cobalt blue

Sophie Robinson, Colour Expert and Broadcaster

With her motto being ‘ban the beige’, Sophie Robinson is a colour expert, interior stylist and a broadcaster who is best known for being the tour de force in the interior design industry. With a wonderful vibrant sense of style and 25 years’ worth of experience, Sophie has regularly appeared in some of the UK’s leading TV shows, including BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge, DIY SOS, Interior Design Masters, and fronting Channel 5’s Dream Home Makeovers.

“Those rich, intense blues are my colours. Cobalt blue is one of my favourite colours, so I opted for Lazuli by Zoffany in my own home, because it’s doesn’t feel too primary but still has this optimistic, positive vibe to it. It also sings across lots of different colourways- simply pair it with pinks, lilacs, oranges, or greens-this colour is so versatile.”

Sophie also shared why she would steer away from those grey-blue tones and why she decorated her hallway in cobalt blue. “Personally, I think you’ve got be so careful when decorating with blue to not go for those cool blues, grey denim blues and icy blues that feel chilly. I decided to paint my hallway in Lazuli, because it’s one of the most important rooms yet somewhat disrespected rooms in my home, so, I decided to paint it in a colour I love! It’s the first colour I see when I leave my bedroom in the morning and the first colour I see as soon as I get home. Paint your hallway in blue and I promise, you’ll enjoy it in lots of different times of the day.”

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