Personal is important but according to one influencer, there are a few clothing items that simply do not do women any favours. Angela Mason - Fashion Over 50, gave mature women her top tips for looking more "current" and less "frumpy". Here's how women can by ditching baggy jeans and capri pants.

Angela's first tip for ladies over 50 was to ditch the "baggy butt jeans".

According to the influencer, this is the "first thing that needs to do - hands down".

She told her nearly 90,000 subscribers: "We don't need clothes where we can pull on the material in the back area."

This doesn't just go for jeans but shorts and other types of trousers too, Angela claimed.

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The style influencer recommended that mature women go for more fitted items.

Baggy pants run the risk of making the individual look shapeless and certainly does not accentuate the figure.

She added that it's "not a good look for anybody" - "you need to run to your closet now and get those suckers out".

The expert explained that over time our bodies change and "our butts become like pancakes".

However, it's essential that women don't just stick to their tired jeans even when they are no longer flattering.

Instead, invest in some figure-enhancing denim to look less "frumpy" in no time at all.

Moving on from jeans, Angela's next tip was to ditch the capri pants, categorised as close-fitting tapered trousers that sit above the ankle.

She explained that many women buy this style of trouser so they can cover up areas they are self-conscious about such as the knees.

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However, there are more "current" trouser styles than the capri which will make mature women look younger and less frumpy when worn.

Angela's top tip was to take your jeans - not "baggy butt" ones - and fold them up to make large cuffs at the bottom.

She said: "Now that's a way more current look than buying a pair of capris.

"You're still kind of getting the look, you're still showing a bit of leg but you're hiding the areas you don't really want to show at the same time."

Angela also warned women over 50 to steer clear of overly baggy dresses and shirts.

Dresses that simply "hang" rather than hug our fabulous curves "do not do our bodies any favours".

The influencer suggested investing in a belt to break up the material and accentuate the waist.

Alternatively, a cropped denim jacket or tie-front cardigan can create a waistline if your dress does not.

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