LA home where colour and pattern are woven into family life

Interior designer Elspeth Benoit has taken a gradual, considered approach to the renovation of this 1940s property

Nine of the Biggest Regrets I See as a Financial Planner

Check out this list of common regrets among older people and see if there’s something you can address in your own life while there’s still time.

W Algarve — laid-back luxury with quirky design at the group's first Portuguese outpost

W Algarve — laid-back luxury with quirky design at the group's first Portuguese outpost - Portugal’s new W is the perfect spot to fly and flop. Cathy Hawker tries living by it’s ‘whatever/whenever’ motto on a laid-back escape

Architect George Clarke: Sustainability and style can go hand-in-hand in the home

Architect George Clarke: Sustainability and style can go hand-in-hand in the home - The TV presenter and architect tells Lisa Salmon how homeowners can make sustainability a priority.

I'm a dermatologist – these are five things you should eat for your skin

I'm a dermatologist – these are five things you should eat for your skin By Luisa Metcalfe NHS con...

28 of the Biggest Style Icons of All Time

From Cardi B to Princess Di.

How to book a luxury break for less

Be flexible Being flexible about destinations, and when you go, is a good way to save, says Rory Boland, travel editor at consumer group Which?. “Our research has pointed to Turkey as a cost-effective option for luxury all-inclusive stays,” he says. “For example, you can get a five-star hotel in Turkey for the cost of a four-star in Mallorca.” Boland adds that for a long-haul trip, top destinations include Dubai and Thailand. “They are likely to...

Good job, no savings: meet the young professionals with less than a grand in the bank

Good job, no savings: meet the young professionals with less than a grand in the bank - IN FOCUS: As new research reveals that more than 11 million Britons have less than £1,000 saved for a rainy day, Helen Coffey investigates why so many of us have failed to build a financial safety net – despite being in full-time work

"You have to remember that your job is what you do, it's not who you are"

The author of the work memoir of the year, 'Private Equity', on why her story is a cautionary tale of toxic productivity

True romance: how to keep the love alive when you retire

It used to be that, if you were still happily coupled into your 60s, you would be together for ever. But that has changed: now, mine is the group ever more likely to be splitting up. Between 2002 and 2022, the number of over-65s getting divorced each year in England and Wales more than tripled, according to estimates from the Office for National Statistics. What has happened? Partly, it’s about life expectancy increasing and life opportunities...

Are avocados good for your heart health?

By Tarun Sai Lomte In a recent study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics , researchers reviewed the effects of avocado intake on cardiometabolic risk factors. Study: Avocado Consumption and Cardiometabolic Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis ...

Four in five billboard ads in England and Wales in poorer areas

More than four in five outdoor billboard advertisements are in the poorest half of England and Wales, leading experts to warn that the discrepancy risks deepening health inequalities. While billboards may be seen by many simply as eyesores, campaigners argue they negatively affect people’s lives in intersecting ways, by pushing unhealthy products such as fast food and alcohol, encouraging environmentally harmful consumption and lowering mental...

Why love languages could be holding you back (and what to look for instead)

Why love languages could be holding you back (and what to look for instead) - LET’S UNPACK THAT: This 30-year-old idea about how we express love has transferred from the therapy room to the mainstream. But is it really the ultimate codebreaker when it comes to cracking our relationships? Helen Coffey asks the experts whether we should take the theory as gospel – or with a giant pinch of salt

Out with the animal cruelty. In with … mushrooms? These farmers are leaving factory farming behind

Farmer Tom Lim had been raising poultry for 20 years when the company he worked for as a contractor terminated him without warning, leaving him saddled with debt and unsure of where to turn. “My heart just dropped,” he said. “I didn’t know where to make money to pay off our loans.” Lim was born in rural Cambodia, where his parents tended rice fields with water buffalos, raised a smattering of chickens and grew vegetables around their home. That...

Scandi girls set the bar when it comes to healthy living – as a Health Editor, I swear by these 5 hacks

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I spend £8,500 a year to live on a train

Lasse Stolley is not an ordinary teenager.

UK teens believe they will have harder lives than their parents, research finds

British teenagers believe their generation will have a worse life than their parents, according to new research. Money, jobs and the climate crisis were named among the concerns of 1,001 teenagers aged 14 to 17 who were questioned by YouGov for the children’s charity Barnardo’s. When asked to imagine their lives at the age of 30 years, 55% of teenagers said they believed their lives would be worse than the previous generation, while another 34%...

Sweaty Betty’s new yoga collection makes oh-so-cosy loungewear

Sweat in style with the super comfy new Gaia range

Two Keys to a Happy Retirement: Health and Wealth Plans

It’s nearly impossible to have a successful retirement without taking care of both your physical health and your financial health. Here are five tips to help.

Caring for Your Aging Parents: A Seven-Step Guide

Caring for aging parents can be draining, but knowing where everyone stands and having critical things in place can at least make the process less stressful.

Balenciaga may finally be at the end of its road to redemption

It’s little over a year since Demna Gvasalia (who prefers to go by the mononym Demna) was in disgrace, Balenciaga, the label for which he’s creative director, had attracted worldwide condemnation following an advertising campaign which featured children holding teddy bears in bondage harnesses and a later iteration which appeared to condone child p...

How to refresh a small living room — 5 easy tips designers swear by

Want to find out how to refresh a small living room? We've spoken with designers to find out how to give yours a new look, and picked out beautiful buys

5 healthy curry recipes you need to know

Spice lovers live longer - that's bona fide science.

Why are bowel cancer deaths rising among young women?

Plus, why experts are hopeful people can reduce the risk

How to refresh your home in 2024: Renovation, moving and cost-cutting tips

From utilising under-used space to giving your boiler some TLC, experts tell us how we should make the most of our properties this year.

Black women struggle to find their way in a job world where diversity is under attack

BOSTON (AP) — Regina Lawless hit a professional high at 40, becoming the first director of diversity and inclusion for Instagram. But after her husband died suddenly in 2021, she pondered whether she had neglected her personal life and what it means for Black woman to succeed in the corporate world. While she felt supported in the role, “there wasn’t the willingness for the leaders to take it all the way,” Lawless said. “Really, it’s the leaders...

Living in Faro, the Algarve: best areas, cost of living and advantages

Faro, the capital of Portugal's sunny Algarve region, attracts residents and tourists for its natural beauty, cultural heritage and enviable quality of life. This charming city, situated in the south of Portugal, offers a vibrant mix of tradition and modernity, making it a popular destination for those looking to live a quiet life by the sea.

Seaside town on London's doorstep named the best place to live for wellbeing

Ready for a peaceful life?

How to style your home like a professional

How to style your home like a professional - From mood boards to triangle formation, a top interior stylist shares her insider tips. By Sam Wylie-Harris.

“Anyone else feel like life is a bit of a let down?” – thru-hikers open up about Post Trail Depression

Thru-hikers share their experiences of returning to real life after the trail, and how to deal with Post Trail Depression

‘How I eat a nutritious and enjoyable diet as an autistic person’

Research suggests that eating problems are common in autistic people, here’s how one writer overcame these barriers

How to spend a perfect weekend in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has long been looked down on by its East Coast counterparts, but now that the rest of world has caught up with California’s green juice and wellness obsession, the city is having something of a moment. No longer deemed a cultural wasteland, LA is bursting with new art galleries and museums, a flourishing fashion scene and some of the mo...

Labour says jobless cannot ‘live a life on benefits’ as it pledges to be ‘party of work’

Labour will fight the next election as the “party of work” and warn the jobless they will not be able to live a “life on benefits”, the party’s shadow work and pensions secretary said. Liz Kendall said young people will be told they have a “responsibility” to accept jobs or training opportunities when they are offered. In an interview with The Tele...

Parisian health hacks are trending - 6 nutritionist-approved ways to channel your inner French girl and boost wellbeing

Profiter de la vie...

‘Never sew your outfit the night before’: the highs and lows of making your own clothes

Like many millennials, textiles (a less 1950s name for sewing lessons) was part of the curriculum at my high school. Those classes marked the beginning and end of any attempts to make my own clothes. But I do remember the sense of satisfaction that came with using the overlocker and iron to finish a project: magically turning something crumpled and lumpy into a crisp (if misshapen) garment. This week, I spoke to four people whose creativity,...

Best tennis fashion for women: Clothes to look the part on court

Best tennis fashion for women: Clothes to look the part on court - Where fashion meets fitness

51 living room ideas: latest trends and easy decor updates

These living room ideas come with comfy surprises and modern flair, so you can relax and unwind in a revamped sitting room space.

I downsized from a five-bedroom home to a studio apartment for £1,715 per month

Angela rents a studio flat in Croydon, South London.

Quarter of first-time buyers taking out 35-year or longer mortgages

Figures from the trade body UK Finance showed the proportion of first-time buyers signing up to 35 year mortgage terms hit a new record.

Younger hands: How to make yours look more youthful

Younger hands: How to make yours look more youthful - Because the hardest-working part of your body needs lots of TLC, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

The tricks stylists use to make food look fabulous

If the way to our hearts is through our stomachs, then the route to our stomachs is helped an awful lot by what we clap our eyes on. Bombarded by food advertisements plastered everywhere from billboards to bus shelters, not to mention all over our screens, we’re a nation that’s used to being lured to the table – or takeaway joint or delivery app – ...

March is when you're most likely to give up on New Year's resolutions - but these wellness trends aren't going anywhere this year

New Year's resolutions gone away? These wellness trends are here to stay.

‘I lost two stone and eased my chronic pain’

I’ve lived with chronic health conditions all my life. I was born with lymphoedema, which affects the lymphatic drainage system in the body. It essentially means that my body’s drainage pipes get blocked, and so I suffer from horrible swelling in my legs and feet. It can be incredibly painful and there’s no cure – I have to wear uncomfortable compr...

The best reality shows from each of these major U.S. cities

From the buzzing streets of New York City to the savory Tex-Mex cuisine down south, there's so much to explore. Keep scrolling to read about 20 reality TV shows set in these major cities nationwide.

Type 2 diabetes prevention programme ‘reaps other benefits’ – study

Type 2 diabetes prevention programme ‘reaps other benefits’ – study - The NHS programme appears to help patients lose weight and reduce blood pressure, as well as reduce their sugar levels.

Scandi girls and Nordic girls seem to have the *glowiest* skin—here's how they do it

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Three Habits of My Most Successful Wealth Management Clients

Clients are more likely to meet their financial objectives if they’re totally honest, take action in a timely manner and are actively engaged.

Budget plans risk ‘second lost decade’ of living standards, Jeremy Hunt told

Jeremy Hunt has been told Wednesday’s budget risks condemning Britain to a second “lost decade” for living standards that would leave working families £1,900 a year worse off. The chancellor enters a crunch week under pressure from his party to deliver a package of pre-election tax cuts, but analysis by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) finds a widening gulf between these political demands and the reality facing millions of struggling people....

Common sleeping disorder linked to higher chance of memory loss

Sleep apnoea is when people stop and restart breathing repeatedly during sleep which can lower oxygen levels in the blood.

US states where people live the longest